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deep care
friendly acquaintance
neutral acquaintance
unsure / just met / need to yet get a better picture of you
negative impression
active dislike
sure do hate your guts

fun to be around
generally interesting

safe haven
mostly harmless

'tis complicated



Riza Hawkeye
Fullmetal Alchemist
The woman who took Rin in right when they all first stranded. Both competent and caring, she is very dear to Rin. She's also saved her on numerous times, some of which have been quite traumatic experiences for both of them. Rin admires Riza's capabilities, both with a weapon and in management, and if there's anyone Rin got really close to on the island, it's her.

One of Rin's housemates, a girl who is actually a bit older than Rin, but still has a lot to learn about the world. Still, she is always ready to help and take action and always has a friendly word and a place in her heart for those in need.

Adam Milligan
And another housemate. A friendly young man who often seems to get into trouble and has a tendency to goof off. They haven't talked so much yet, but Rin is fond of him.

Sakura Kinomoto
Cardcaptor Sakura
A former housemate who has gone on to live with a friend of hers, Sakura is just plain adorable. A very well-behaved, polite kid -- almost too much so. Rin feels strongly protective toward her.

Batman / Bruce Wayne
DC Comics
Mysterious guy in a bat costume who makes a habit of gathering ALL the information, helping people, and giving orders. Rin can't quite figure him out yet, and it drives her, ahem, batshit. Well, not quite, but it irks her, and she wants to change it. Oddly, he is a good source of information and go-to-guy for serious discussions as well as dispenser of unexpected advice. WEIRD GUY.

Big Boss
Metal Gear Solid
A military man who likes taking the lead and giving out orders. In the beginning, Rin often verbally locked horns with him, but by now, she considers herself on good terms with him, even if the snark is still there. There's some mutual saving going on here, too.

Kazuhira Miller
Metal Gear Solid
Rin's teacher in swordsmanship. Big Boss's boyfriend, which once resulted in a lot of drama, because he's the jealous type. Rin then decided to intervene by putting on a show of helplessness and thereby distracting Kazuhira, after which she was notified he might try to hit on her. This is something she is not very keen on. But besides that, he's nice, and he has a great knowledge of weapons. She can appreciate that.

Stephanie Brown / Robin
DC Comics
A young girl around Rin's age, with whom she has a lot in common -- mainly in terms of personality and attitude. They both kind of fail at this survival thing, but are trying their very best. Stephanie seemed quite enthusiastic about it, at least at first. Recently returned home and then came back, which introduced Rin to a whole new can of worms regarding their situation.

Riruka Dokugamine
Riruka mostly stood out to Rin because she was the one who first called for a town meeting and organization. This left a positive impression on Rin. She's also rather impressed by Riruka's magic.

The Master
Doctor Who
This man is very interesting to Rin for one reason: he knows a lot about time travel and interdimensional travel. This fascinates Rin to no end, so yes, she'll be keeping that connection. His attitude is a little weird sometimes and she doesn't know if he's really trustworthy or what, but so far, she's cool with him.

Tieria Erde
Gundam 00
Person from THE FUTURE who has a giant robot somewhere. Very fascinating. Also often found in the library, so they're kind of casual research-buddies. Keeps a report of the town meetings, which Rin appreciates.

Anri Sonohara
A quiet sort, but very dedicated to her job at the hospital. She was also among the first to arrive on the island, so Rin considers herself conntected to Anri via that.

Ushiromiya Natsuhi
Umineko no naku koro ni
Another of the first arrivals, Natsuhi is a good bit older than Rin, which demands Rin's respect. Natsuhi displays all the traditional Japanese politeness, which is nicely familiar to Rin, but is also capable of using a gun. She helps wherever she can and is also sometimes Rin#s research buddy.

Ryou Naruse
This young man is also among the other first arrivals, and Rin remembers pleasantly that he treated her with respect and they had some nice talks. Seems to have knowledge in classical Japanese, which, again, is a welcome bit of familiarity for Rin.

Wolf's Rain
It's a wolf! That TALKS! This is both fascinating and, quite simply, insanely adorable to Rin. There is little ambiguous feeling here; Rin loves dogs and one she can have nice conversations with, she loves even more.

Table from here.


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