Jun. 13th, 2010 01:22 pm
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Well, I think by now everyone knows of the earthquake two days ago. In case someone slept through it, in which case I envy them their deep sleep, the network would have amply informed them. Not only that, but also the lights, and that they were hitting the barrier, and the tides, and the animals...

Anyway. Point of this entry is -- and this information is for the Curse Brigade, too -- Rosella and I went to have a look at that yesterday. All properly in a boat and all.

Not that we found much of anything. There wasn't any damage as far as we could see it. I don't know, maybe someone checked the underground and knows different. But the barrier in the sea is intact. On the way there, we also did not see anything unusual.

Still, it would be advisable to be cautious. It's only been two days, so I don't think it's all that impossible for there to be a follow up yet. Huey, I heard you think it may be something from a book called the Bible?

Another common theory, one I share, is that this is related to what happened almost a year ago now, when there was also an earthquake, and we were all attacked by a hair monster after. Which, by the way, could be warded off with lemon cakes. Before its mother came to get it -- and that was the end of that.

That's all, I think. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Asano Rin, out.

[private to Umi || unhackable]

Umi-chan... are you okay?

(OOC: Brought to you by this thread. o/ OH AND, with the current bankwagon going on, I am reminded - because I keep forgetting - that I wanted to thank whoever gave me the userpic addon a while ago! Really, that was so sweet. ♥ Thanks!)
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[By the magic of the City, a little girl of maybe six years appears on Misery Square. She's just walking cheerfully, her reaction to the new situation delayed. But then it registers, and she stops and blinks.]

-- hm?

[Her eyes dart around, and then they light up in recognition.]

Uwaaah! It's the weird city again!

[For a few moments, she's just standing there gaping. Then, she notices that something's stuck in her obi. A communication device! Excited, she plucks it out and holds it in front of her face with both hands.]

Hello, box! Hellooooooo!

(OOC: The return of Babyrin! Taken from soon after the last time, but not from a specific canon scene. Have at her. Oh, and network replies are assumed voice.)
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So it seems people have letters sewn to their clothing today. As have I. It's a 'V'. What the hell, I can't even pronounce that -- not properly, anyway, never really got the hang of it -- let alone deduce what it's supposed to mean. Since apparently, it's supposed to mean something.

Not that I don't have my suspicions. But as they say, ignorance is blissful.

Though I'm afraid it doesn't quite have the desired effect. A red letter on red clothing doesn't stand out too much. Tough luck, City!

(OOC: ... yes. For vendetta. /shot)
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I think... I should, after all, issue an apology, for the behaviour of my... of me a few days ago. I can't really deny that that was part of me, can I? But here's the thing, and this goes especially to those who might agonize over this: flaws make only half a person.

And that's why I think it's okay.

For a general cheer-up, I've prepared some pastries. Come get them at the square if you want, there's enough!


[It's right back to the start, it seems: Rin is sitting on a bench on the square, a small table with several artfully arranged pastry pyramids next to her. On her lap is the laptop Umi gave her as a Christmas present. In fact, she's wearing the kimono and necklace she was given for Christmas, too. She's idly playing with the necklace as she clicks around on the laptop, still learning how to operate it, so things go slowly. A little too slowly for her liking, because intends to use it today. Umi's note had said that maybe this thing would actually keep her notes, and this type of curse is what will put that to the test.

Thinking back to the network entry she had posted, she dearly hopes it was enough. She made an effort to display confidence and nonchalance, but within her, doubts still exist. Having your bad side develop a will of its own and act separately from you while you were locked in a spooky mirror version of the City is a pretty scary thing. But she sets her lips and tells herself to not let it get to her. She can deal, she's beyond letting scary things define her.


Her gaze goes to the pastries on the table. That tactic worked well enough last time she used it, so hopefully it will do the same now. Not that she doesn't also genuinely want to cheer up her friends with this, but she's aware of the double effect and entirely willing to use it to her advantage. Her research has, after all, been going stale for a while.]

Here's to hoping the best.

(OOC: As usual, anything goes! Fourth walling, canonmates, mockery: bring it.)
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[The recording flickers on with a bit of static and goes on to show Rin's face. She's silent for a moment, fingers flitting irregularly over the screen. It zooms in for a close-up, enough to see tiny, faint scars marring her slightly tanned face. There's a hint of a smirk on her lips.]

Time for me to shine.

Okay. [The picture zooms out again, and she clears her throat, staring directly into the camera with a challenging look.]

Anyone out there got unfinished business with me? Go on, come out of the woodwork. Wouldn't want to keep you waiting any longer. And if this bitch has been bothering you... well, no better time to say it.

(OOC: IN THE AFTERNOON, Rin has been scrubbing the kitchen sink, and the result is her reflection pulling her into Shadow City and installing her glorious self in the kirin stall apartment. This Rin is a good deal more selfish than the one we know, and has a very definite ruthless side to her. She doesn't mind stepping on toes or destroying lives to satisfy her own needs -- she's that side of Rin which swore revenge two three years ago, amplified a lot.)
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[Sometimes, the library gives you very odd things, and other times, very rarely, it gives you just what you need.

That's right, Rin is at the library. She's walking around, gaze darting to and fro with an almost nervous air. Whenever she meets a person, she backpedals just a little. Slung tightly into her arms is a bunch of books, and she's taking care to cover their titles with her limbs and clothing. Still, an attentive eye might maybe catch a glimpse -- but oh!

Now she seems to have found out where she wants to go. She's retreating into the desolate areas of the building, where no one else cares to sit. There is no table there, but a lone chair next to a window. Rin shoots a last look to the left and one to the right, then she turns the chair around so that it faces the window, sits down and puts the books down on the windowsill.

Revealed is the title of the book at the top, which reads: "Sex For The Clueless - An Illustrated Step-By-Step Guide On How To Please Your Partner". Make no mistake: Rin is doing research.]

(OOC: Awkward teen time is GO. Feel free to stumble upon her at the library.)
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At first, all you see is darkness, and the darkness is total. Not a thing discernible - except for sounds. Wet sounds, like water dripping somewhere far away, and sounds of breathing, not loud, but clearly audible. Rin, she tries to move in this darkness and kicks a few pebbles loose.

A feeling of danger reigns over the room - and it is somewhere inside something, judging by the sounds and the odd feeling of walls closing in on you.

Then, kaboom! Light literally explodes into the room, and in plain view to the front is a cavern tapering to a tunnel, and in that tunnel, doors start opening. One following swiftly after another, there are also creatures coming out from behind those doors. They look like large, humanoid otters, their faces a mere caricature of an animal.

They start moving, back to where Rin is standing.

(OOC: Inspired by this mess (spoilers).)


Jan. 6th, 2010 10:18 pm
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Another new year begins. It's still weird - before seeing the end of the year at home, I've seen two of them here. I wonder what will await me when New Year's Eve comes at home, because I have a feeling something big will go down before that happens, yet. Maybe all our fates will be decided before the year runs out.

As for here, I should probably be miffed that the deities interrupted the three-day period after New Year's, but truth be told, it didn't really surprise me - almost been expecting it, even. Looks like it's right back to the old routine.

And then, thank you so much for everyone's great Christmas presents! I truly love them all.

Oh, but you know what I hate? I mean, of course, I hate the curses, but even more I hate the memory wipes, and the destruction of any notes I try to take and -- seriously, deities, are you scared of us? Are you scared we'll find you out, scared that then it'll be all to easy for us to beat you at your own little game? I wonder!

And I hate being told I'm just a dumb kid by people who think they've got it all figured out just because they can't do anything except contribute to the violence in this world. I don't hate the people who do it, because some of them are ones dear to me, but sometimes it just grates being talked down to just for having other ideas!

I also hate it when I get mochi stuck in my teeth. And when I put too much stuff in the dishwasher and it ends up staying dirty, or when things get stuck in the vacuum cleaner... or when my network device posts without me wanting it to, for that matter. So much for "modern technology", really!

Finally, what I especially hate is when the City forces me to post all the stupid things I wrote or said up to the network!
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For everyone: a Japanese good-luck charm from the temple.

Rest under the cut. )


Dec. 12th, 2009 01:36 pm
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Are we finally done with the torture and the suffering? I guess that makes it true: the end of the year is indeed special.

Well, not to dwell on that! To the Curse Brigade: Would setting up shelters in the buildings make sense? As far as I can tell, as much as anywhere - at least they never get destroyed, though things invade them, certainly. Is there even any place in the City that's completely safe from curse effects? Because I'm thinking about setting one up in Building Three, where I live. It would be close and thus easy for me to maintain. But I would need helpers.

And... dare I ask what's up with all the mistletoe? It's a bit... sudden, so I don't know if I trust it.

(OOC: Currently out and about, doing the usual grocery shopping/library/whatever, and so available for kissing!)


Dec. 6th, 2009 10:43 pm
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[text || private to Youko]

Youko... I don't know if they came for you, too... but in any case, I feel the need to tell you.

You're the person I cursed.


[switch to video]

[The feed is sweeping over a view of the... thin air as Rin's voice talks, off-screen.]

Curiosity got the better of me, after all. Had to see what this barrier is like. Still not actually visible, except for the rips. ... I'd have to get closer to see them clearly.

... wait, this thing isn't even --

[The camera is shaken a little, but then it sinks down to give way to a view of the ground. There's sand and some weeds there, in case one might be interested.]

No way.

Okay, Rin, this is the time when you get the hell out of here.

Message to the Curse Brigade: Having now laid eyes on the matter myself... well, there's no way this is for real.

(OOC: Seeing creepily surreal visions of pinwheels and finding it all very suspicious. Action for anyone who... might be there.)


Nov. 27th, 2009 06:18 pm
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private || offline || thoughts )

I've had a few days to think, and here I am with my network device again.

I feel like I should say something. Suppose I should make a statement. But then, I've hardly been on the receiving end of reproach; I'm a little surprised. Not that I'm mad for punishment, but I certainly would have understood. Too well.

Because I've been impatient and selfish.

Nothing to be done about that now, of course. I'm just thinking - maybe it counts for something that I said it. It's not an excuse, and it also doesn't mean I'll quietly await whatever punishment one may see fit to bestow upon me - I've got things to do and things to live for and I'm not giving it up and away, sorry.

If... if someone died because of me... that was the one thing I wasn't thinking of. Ah, well.

Neither can I say I'm sorry to have gained what I did.

And then... what else I wanted to say: I'm actually sort of glad to be back. To see you all again.

(OOC: And that is that. As for HMD, my thread can be found here!)
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[Such is the sound of Rin falling unceremoniously into the foutain. She's splashing around and gasping, until she gets out and you can hear water dripping onto the concrete.]


[If you were to see her, you'd watch her standing there and quietly looking at her surroundings, until her eyes widen in recognition as the reality of her situation dawns on her.]

... back here...

[Down she slumps onto the ground, sopping wet and utterly dumbfounded. She'll regain her senses sometime in the near future.]

(OOC: And here she is again, fresh from Japanese volume 23, chapter 150/162.)
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... let me talk to you.

(OOC: So going to push that button, sometime tonight game-time, and will then be off for a canon update. As for now, she's still not quite certain, but she shall then be grabbed by a bout of impulsivity. Friends = ... if you consider your character her friend, they are.)


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