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I think... I should, after all, issue an apology, for the behaviour of my... of me a few days ago. I can't really deny that that was part of me, can I? But here's the thing, and this goes especially to those who might agonize over this: flaws make only half a person.

And that's why I think it's okay.

For a general cheer-up, I've prepared some pastries. Come get them at the square if you want, there's enough!


[It's right back to the start, it seems: Rin is sitting on a bench on the square, a small table with several artfully arranged pastry pyramids next to her. On her lap is the laptop Umi gave her as a Christmas present. In fact, she's wearing the kimono and necklace she was given for Christmas, too. She's idly playing with the necklace as she clicks around on the laptop, still learning how to operate it, so things go slowly. A little too slowly for her liking, because intends to use it today. Umi's note had said that maybe this thing would actually keep her notes, and this type of curse is what will put that to the test.

Thinking back to the network entry she had posted, she dearly hopes it was enough. She made an effort to display confidence and nonchalance, but within her, doubts still exist. Having your bad side develop a will of its own and act separately from you while you were locked in a spooky mirror version of the City is a pretty scary thing. But she sets her lips and tells herself to not let it get to her. She can deal, she's beyond letting scary things define her.


Her gaze goes to the pastries on the table. That tactic worked well enough last time she used it, so hopefully it will do the same now. Not that she doesn't also genuinely want to cheer up her friends with this, but she's aware of the double effect and entirely willing to use it to her advantage. Her research has, after all, been going stale for a while.]

Here's to hoping the best.

(OOC: As usual, anything goes! Fourth walling, canonmates, mockery: bring it.)
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[So it's that day again. And since the last strategy failed rather epically due to City-induced memory wipe, it is now time for Plan B!

Thus you now have a Rin standing in the square, once again, armed with a notepad and her sweetest smile. She exchanged her flame-pattered kimono for a rather standard fare, autumn-themed one and has tied her hair neatly into a bun. She's not carrying her sword.

Occasionally, she addresses people on the street. It might even be you she's talking to.]

Ah... excuse me? Excuse me! Would you, perhaps, be ready to answer a few questions? I'm doing a survey, you see, and it'd really help me if you'd have a few minutes...

(OOC: No, "giving up" is not, in fact, part of her vocabulary. As usual, absolutely anything goes!)
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[The scene is Misery Square, quite well-populated today. Here, near the fountain, stands a Rin in front of a table. On that table, various pastries are neatly arranged.]

[And on Rin's face, her sweetest smile beams at the passing people.]

Hello and welcome! Would you like some refreshments on this fine day? They're free!

(OOC: Rin wants your information. Have at her. ♥)


Apr. 1st, 2009 10:09 am
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There you go outside in the morning to get some groceries and get almost squished to death by the many people there! Not to mention the greatly prolonged time it took to just get the grocery shopping done. They were pretty loud, too. Some of them all but attacked some other people!

Whatever is up with that?

(OOC: ANYTHING GOES. Have at her~!)


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