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[By the magic of the City, a little girl of maybe six years appears on Misery Square. She's just walking cheerfully, her reaction to the new situation delayed. But then it registers, and she stops and blinks.]

-- hm?

[Her eyes dart around, and then they light up in recognition.]

Uwaaah! It's the weird city again!

[For a few moments, she's just standing there gaping. Then, she notices that something's stuck in her obi. A communication device! Excited, she plucks it out and holds it in front of her face with both hands.]

Hello, box! Hellooooooo!

(OOC: The return of Babyrin! Taken from soon after the last time, but not from a specific canon scene. Have at her. Oh, and network replies are assumed voice.)
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Ah, oh my! So I was finally affected by the child curse. What an embarassment. Here, an obligatory but no less heart-felt apology as well as a big thank you for everyone who had to put up with my younger self. I guess I was a bit of a spoiled brat.

Particular thanks to Kurosu-san and to Youko, for watching us me the whole time.

And then haha, do say... have any of you ever noticed a tendency in the way the City affects you to... rub salt in certain wounds? Repeatedly, like it wants to make a point about it?

I'm sorry if that question is too personal. No one should by any means feel obligated to answer it, or even answer in detail.

[private to Umi || unhackable]

Are you better?

[private to Anotsu || UNHACKABLE]

I'm taking the pinwheel back.
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[In your square, there is a little girl in a pink kimono. She is smiling as she speaks, and the mirth in her voice is clearly audible.]

That none of us get burned by sparks!

[But then she looks around herself and realizes... that something is amiss.]


... mommy?

[Her face and voice both carry the sheer puzzlement. She is too confused to even be properly shocked.]



Daddy? Grandpa?

(OOC: Upping your kid quota with the Age Reversal curse. Taken quite directly from this scene and about six years old.)


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