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Wow, it's crowded today! It's a "visitor's day", huh? Wonder if anyone... [a bit louder] is anyone I know out there? From home, I mean? Even someone who's usually here? Haven't even looked...

Say, all these curses lately... does that give about a good idea of what it's always like?

Oh, and also! I, ah, probably need a job. [Don't ask how she's been eating up to now.] I have mainly housekeeping skills to offer, but I'm adaptable! I could also help carry things or sell things or be a waitress or something, I think. If I were explained the job a little. I'd be glad if anyone would be so kind as to consider me for a position! Thank you inadvance.

(OOC: Have at her! Anything goes!)


Jul. 16th, 2009 10:52 pm
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Sooo yesterday basically flew right over my head. I hear it was something like modern office life. Well, the more you know! I don't really know a lot about that, be it here or at home. I only know the machinations a citizen has to go through to get something... and that those processes are probably not exempt from manipulation.

Question of the day: what's up with the end of the year? Someone told me this place usually gets something special up for that. Like, last year, it was apparently a zombie invasion? And the clock stopped? I'd like to know more about this. ... I know it's probably late in coming. Or early. Depending on how you view it.

Furthermore: Uta-chan's throwing a beach party on Saturday, the 25th. Flatmates, who of you wants to come? Because I'm so going.

... I hope everyone's recovered from last weekend. Shiki?

[private to Lockon Stratos and Setsuna F. Seiei || viewable to Umi || unhackable]

Mister Lockon, Setsuna-san...

I'd like to speak to either of you, about, you know, that thing we don't want to talk about on the network? I hope it's no trouble and that you have the time.
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[Somewhere not so far from the Deity Office, there is a bench.

On this bench, there is a Rin.

In her lap are located her communicator, a notebook and a pencil.

Her eyes are focused on the building, an intensely thoughtful expression filling them.]

... hnnn.

(OOC: Heads up! Yes, she's going to try and invade that thing in the near future. With mod-approval, of course. ... this is happening some time during the day.)
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Excuse me, everyone - I imagine yesterday might have been eventful for most and rather taxing for some, but this is urgent.

[Clears her throat.]

Has anyone seen Nakajima Youko? Japanese, red hair, tan skin?

She's been gone without a word or trace as of this morning. I'm worried. Youko, if you see this, please answer.

(OOC: In reaction to this. :<)
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What an eventful week, indeed! Fortunately, for all I've been cursed, they've been comparatively mild. I wonder what language I was speaking the other day. I hope everyone's been well? As much as is possible. The network did resound with news of kidnappings - good luck to those involved!

When not cursed, I was mostly busy with everyday work, and - I've found myself spending a lot of time in the library. I'm really glad there's such a great amount of literature readily available here - I heard the books are elusive when one is seeking for them, but since I wasn't particularly looking for anything, I stumbled upon some interesting things!

And so, I have been reading up on political concepts. Things like "democracy" - the rule of the people - "communism", or "absolutism". The spectrum that goes from extreme traditional to extreme liberal and everything in between. It's very interesting, I think. "Democracy" particularly so - no totalitarian government to make decisions over anyone's head, or do outright wrong without the people being able to defend themselves. Of course, the government is what shapes the rules of a state, but it is still made up by its people. Masses upon masses of people.

I may find myself delving into this a bit deeper, if I have the time.

Oh! I looked at maps, too. I saw some that had Japan in it, and they all looked similar, so I guess they must represent the world as it is at home. Japan is so small compared to the whole world. I wonder just how different all those other places look.

[filtered || friends || so very hackable]

Do you think a person can ever reach a point in life where they are all in all satisfied with the person they have become?

(OOC: Friends are anyone she's talked to more than once, basically. ♥ Except for obvious people. That, by the way, is my very favourite enemy - go and add him, if you haven't!)
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Well! I've acquired work and a residence - thank you so much, Nakajima-san, Earl Ciel! And Earl Ciel, I hope my work so far has been satisfying. Shan't start out the wrong way, now shall I?

Oh, and - Link-san, Vin-san! I've found out how to do "links" now. Nakajima-san has been teaching me. The guide I've been telling you about can be found if you click on this word: Guide.

This "Christmas" is in three days, right? I should really get to finding presents. Uhm... what does one normally give for Christmas? Is there anything specific?

Also, would anyone know if there are any shops here that sell kimono? Mine is beyond repair.

Lastly, I am still interested in investigations regarding exits to the City. To those insisting it's impossible: it might be, but there's not much I can lose trying. I'm not going to just give up.


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