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So it seems people have letters sewn to their clothing today. As have I. It's a 'V'. What the hell, I can't even pronounce that -- not properly, anyway, never really got the hang of it -- let alone deduce what it's supposed to mean. Since apparently, it's supposed to mean something.

Not that I don't have my suspicions. But as they say, ignorance is blissful.

Though I'm afraid it doesn't quite have the desired effect. A red letter on red clothing doesn't stand out too much. Tough luck, City!

(OOC: ... yes. For vendetta. /shot)


Jan. 6th, 2010 10:18 pm
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Another new year begins. It's still weird - before seeing the end of the year at home, I've seen two of them here. I wonder what will await me when New Year's Eve comes at home, because I have a feeling something big will go down before that happens, yet. Maybe all our fates will be decided before the year runs out.

As for here, I should probably be miffed that the deities interrupted the three-day period after New Year's, but truth be told, it didn't really surprise me - almost been expecting it, even. Looks like it's right back to the old routine.

And then, thank you so much for everyone's great Christmas presents! I truly love them all.

Oh, but you know what I hate? I mean, of course, I hate the curses, but even more I hate the memory wipes, and the destruction of any notes I try to take and -- seriously, deities, are you scared of us? Are you scared we'll find you out, scared that then it'll be all to easy for us to beat you at your own little game? I wonder!

And I hate being told I'm just a dumb kid by people who think they've got it all figured out just because they can't do anything except contribute to the violence in this world. I don't hate the people who do it, because some of them are ones dear to me, but sometimes it just grates being talked down to just for having other ideas!

I also hate it when I get mochi stuck in my teeth. And when I put too much stuff in the dishwasher and it ends up staying dirty, or when things get stuck in the vacuum cleaner... or when my network device posts without me wanting it to, for that matter. So much for "modern technology", really!

Finally, what I especially hate is when the City forces me to post all the stupid things I wrote or said up to the network!


Dec. 12th, 2009 01:36 pm
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Are we finally done with the torture and the suffering? I guess that makes it true: the end of the year is indeed special.

Well, not to dwell on that! To the Curse Brigade: Would setting up shelters in the buildings make sense? As far as I can tell, as much as anywhere - at least they never get destroyed, though things invade them, certainly. Is there even any place in the City that's completely safe from curse effects? Because I'm thinking about setting one up in Building Three, where I live. It would be close and thus easy for me to maintain. But I would need helpers.

And... dare I ask what's up with all the mistletoe? It's a bit... sudden, so I don't know if I trust it.

(OOC: Currently out and about, doing the usual grocery shopping/library/whatever, and so available for kissing!)
revengeisalie: (And none the wiser for it.)

[Such is the sound of Rin falling unceremoniously into the foutain. She's splashing around and gasping, until she gets out and you can hear water dripping onto the concrete.]


[If you were to see her, you'd watch her standing there and quietly looking at her surroundings, until her eyes widen in recognition as the reality of her situation dawns on her.]

... back here...

[Down she slumps onto the ground, sopping wet and utterly dumbfounded. She'll regain her senses sometime in the near future.]

(OOC: And here she is again, fresh from Japanese volume 23, chapter 150/162.)
revengeisalie: (You've got to be kidding me.)
[The video flickers on to show one Rin lying on her futon, with her sleeping yukata a little disheveled and sliding down her shoulders.

But what is this! Lying next to her is one Setsuna F. Seiei in an equally unkempt state, with chocolate smudges on his face.

Slowly, Rin stirs. She props herself up on one arm, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes with the other hand.

Then, her eyes widen, almost to the point where you might think they're going to pop out of her head soon, and scrambles to sit up.]

... hnngh!

[She only makes that strangled noise, memories from the previous day flooding her, unsure what would be worse: not apologizing profusely right now or waking Setsuna up. And so she sits there, aghast and a little helpless.]
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Hey, October is over. They could stop it now. But no, of course not, can't grant the poor subjects some respite - that won't do at all! Instead, it has to be a full-on war. I wonder how long this one will go... has to be a curse, has to be. This, and the amount of it - it's too sudden. It's been two days already, and not even on a weekend, so I think it might take longer...

Sheesh. Of all the things, really.

And so, about those flyers I've seen around, and not just me for sure: I think now would just be the right time to exercise some damage control. Get a spot to hide and create a sanctuary for the uncursed; try to somehow stop this madness - whatever. But something's gotta be done.

As if this wasn't enough... that's what you get for giving them the benefit of doubt.

(OOC: Unaffected and all the more exasperated for it. Curse Brigade, I hope this is alright! Strikeouts are muttered... even more than the small font.)
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[It's quiet in the little room. The sun rays entering through the window have taken on a golden hue - the days are getting shorter, now. On a carpet on the floor, a young man is sitting and writing with a pencil into a notebook. Obviously, he's deep in thought.]


[Suddenly, his focus leaves the paper in front of him and he creases his brow, as if startled at the sound of his own voice. He shakes his head shortly, but then his eyes graze his own hands. With a look of utter incredulity, he raises them to better inspect them. After having done so for a while, he slowly, with calculated movements, gets up and approaches the wardrobe mirror. He just stares at it and then lets out a low groan.]

Oh, you've got to be kidding me.

(OOC: Backdated bodyswitch with Peter Petrelli. Have at her~! Flatmates, feel free to JUST HAPPEN to be knocking on her door. EDIT: ... and off I go again. Sob. Back on Wednesday.)
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[RIN IS located in the kitchen, making some plates clatter around as she buzzes about. But then, she halts in her tracks!]

... why, and who are you... ?

[Her voice, half cooing, half suspicious. The sound of tiny feet and wings.]





Ow! Ow, ow! Wha' 'e heww?

(OOC: AROUND FOR THE WEEKEND. I missed you, Poly! ;_; EDIT: Aaand off I go again! See you next weekend.)


Jul. 9th, 2009 04:10 am
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Does anyone remember me telling them about last Saturday, when the visitors came? I'm sure I did my preparations to engage them in conversation, and I'm sure I had a few nice talks --

But I don't remember a single conversation. Not a word. And I was sure I scribbled down some notes, but I seem to have misplaced them, or -- well, I wonder. If it's the City that disposed of them. Just what kind of information did I attain there? I don't remember what Manji said.

This is so frustrating. I might have been this close.

Is this what you do if something happens that you don't like, deities? Nice to know. But that would mean that you miscalculated. Or was it all part of the plan?

Yesterday did not improve my mood. The water was annoying. I did not go out beyond the necessary, because I'm not sure if I dare going out armed with nothing but water balloons.

The first weekend of the month passed and it was not Random Curse Weekend. Again.

(OOC: Thanks to everyone who 4th walled Rin! I truly had a blast. ♥ And yes, I decided to memory-wipe her because she received some hints about the game's OOC workings, and I want to be on the safe side. |D;; Strikeouts are so not there.)


Jun. 18th, 2009 11:45 pm
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There's something odd about this month. First we had that ominous meteor shower, and now another kind of... impact. I could've sworn it was close to here - I heard it, but didn't see it - but the City was as ever when I went out earlier. Does anyone know what to do against the tearing up effect of... whatever is in the air now? Smells horrible. Anyway, then the random curse weekend was one week off, and people also seem to be getting sick.

That meteor shower was an omen after all. Is that all there is to it, or do we have to fear worse?

... well.

Deities. You know what? If you think you can scare me into submission to feed your precious clock or whatever, you've got another thing coming.


And I'm going to protect my friends as much as I can, too.

[private to Ryōga || viewable by Umi || unhackable]

So... Umi found out what her memory loss was all about.


Jun. 14th, 2009 06:54 pm
revengeisalie: (The price we pay.)
So, uhm, yesterday... what exactly happened yesterday? My memory's kind of really fuzzy. It feels sort of like a really weird dream... I think my body wasn't my own.
... it's that weekend again, isn't it? Yeah, how high are chances that I was cursed yesterday? Uhm. I'm sorry for anyone I may have inconvenienced. I've got an odd feeling I did.


Okay, uhm. I just went back through my journal. I'm so very, deeply sorry, Miss Shahrhazad! You were right, of course, and I was cursed. But, for some reason, I'm pretty sure I had the intention... well, to kill you, and that warrants an apology under any circumstances. If there's anything I can do, please tell me.

I wonder how I got hold of that poster, though. Did I make it myself or did the curse provide even that?

Curses like this are a little disturbing. I seemed pretty sure of who I was, yesterday... that makes the whole difference between reality and illusion a little blurry. And yet here I am, absolutely sure that I am Asano Rin, a girl from Edo who ended up in a very strange City by means she never even thought possible!

This is crazy. This place is completely crazy. Yeah, nothing new, I know. It's just that I feel compelled to make note of it again and again and again.

I'm getting restless, again.


Jun. 7th, 2009 12:04 am
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So the meteor shower went by without trouble. A good thing, at least! At first, it was really nice to look at, but it got a little spooky later on. Makes you wonder... is this all a deliberate ploy of the same instance that determines the curses? Was it a curse? Or is it just part of how this place works, like any other place, too... okay, and then there's the question if even other places just work, or if everything that happens is determined by the gods and the spirits or a bodiless cosmic entity or something. Wow, now I'm starting to wax poetic.

Maybe this place really isn't so strange, and it's just the details that are different. But it's the details that matter.

I may have chosen an inconvenient time for my party, seeing as, yes, there is a curse day today. But it doesn't seem to be one of those that affect people differently, so, assuming that it'll last only one day, tomorrow should be fine. I'm sorry, everyone. I wasn't really thinking about this possibility. And... I don't want to leave anyone out because of this.

That said, this is just... what. Did it have to be some kind of horror story setup? I think I'm just... gonna spend this one inside.

(OOC: ... I. I'm really sorry for the poor planning on my part! ^^; I personally did not consider the curse, and Rin certainly couldn't have known ICly. Also I'm just... going to assume it's been recognizable on the network up to now. |D;; But tomorrow is definitely party time!)


May. 29th, 2009 10:55 pm
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If you've been wondering: it's official. Manji has left the City. I checked: his picture was there, nice and clear, in the Hall of the Missing. Probably the worst thing about this is that I know what will happen - that he's not really "better off home", but... but on that day with the many visitors, Dōa said we made it out. I'll just have to count on that. Because if we do, things will somehow turn out alright. Even if we can't tell what the future brings, but I'm not going to worry about that.

And another year older. Seventeen years old now, and an orphan for three.

... I still hope I can go home and find him soon.

On another note, I've become sort of curious about guns. I've seen some really modern-looking ones around the City. They look like they're easier to handle than your regular teppo or tantsutsu back home, too. Not that I know much about those; in fact, I'm not really familiar with them and have only seen a few in my life - not like swords. As a samurai's daughter, swords are sort of natural to me. Now, their use is a different thing... But it really isn't an unexpected development, for sure. All these new devices make everyday tasks a lot easier; even if they seem complicated if you're unfamiliar with them. Guess that's what "progress" really means.

Like these network devices - at first, I was really bewildered by them and only knew that if I spoke to it, I'd eventually get an answer. These disembodied voices were kind of spooky and took some getting used to. But after all, due to this, people can talk over distances and conversation can occur where it normally wouldn't.

My, I'm going off on a tangent again.


Youko, Rokuta-kun and all? Would it be too much to ask to move back in with you? Living here all on my own would be awful lonely. It's okay if you have no room or something.

[private to Umi, Akiha and Enki || unhackable]

Are you alright?

I told you so.

(OOC; Recovery: in progress. Strikeouts: hackable. Fellow reckless rascals of yesterday, I hope this is okay! And Rin's birthday was, uh... sometime this month because I said so. Not today. EDIT: Off to bed I am, will pick up tags tomorrow~.)


Apr. 22nd, 2009 04:37 pm
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So, that about the dreams... was a curse? Hmm. Well, now you know. I'm not entirely sure if I'm comfortable having my dreams hung out for everyone to see, but I'm beginning to think it's wasted energy to get upset about everything the City likes to throw at us. Really! I'm getting so sick of it all.

Oh well. Maybe the rain will grant us a little respite. Time to be at home and relax. I sure went to work as usual today, but I'm so glad I'm working only part-time. I like having time for other things, now. I still have a pile of books to read.

... 's really funny how my habits have changed here.


Apr. 16th, 2009 05:24 pm
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After I issued several wishes, mostly to do damage control on the first wish, I think I'm in a relatively alright place right now, and I certainly learned my lesson. Wishing today is indeed bad. What is this, the City's way of nonverbal wisecracking?

Uhm, Manji, sorry for the damage I did. Will bring that in order tomorrow. As for right now, unless I find out an idiot proof way to get myself to a normal state, I guess I'll be stuck in some slightly awkward positions. Right now, I cannot get up, as I wished to sit down. Yes, I tried. So I'm sitting on the floor and... thinking.

Looks like working will be impossible, too.

[private to Youko || unhackable]

... Youko? It's maybe an odd time to remember, but... I have a question.

(OOC: "I wish I could just fight", followed by "I wish I could stop", "I wish I could go" and "I wish I could sit down". Some minor damage in the apartment, a few disarranged things here, a broken vase there, nothing bad.)
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[Rin is sitting in the living room, on the armchair they got along with the couch - on which Manji is currently lying with his eyes closed, snoring a little. The window is open, letting in fresh air and the noises from the street. A book lies forgotten in her lap; she's gotten to thinking.

Curses, curses and curses. She's been affected to be uncomfortably friendly with Anotsu, of all people, again; something she tries to push away, but can't help mulling over in idle moments like this.

Then all her friends who are regularly affected.

She hasn't talked about it with Manji yet. She hasn't talked about a lot of things with him. Maybe now is the time.

Her eyes wander over to Manji's sleeping figure.]



Mar. 13th, 2009 11:52 pm
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notes || plans in the City || offscreen )

In all the time I've been here, yesterday's curse was maybe the most awful thing that has happened yet. Being married to one's worst enemy is one thing, but that innocents, children as adults, have to know death for a day? That's a gross injustice. Now, we can be glad that it was only a day, certainly - but can you measure death? Isn't a day enough, or rather, isn't a day too much? This isn't something that should happen at all, and it's appalling that it does and is to be expected here.

When I went to Huey-kun's today, I saw words scribbled on the walls near aparment building number one. Two sentences: one was written neatly, like a small work of art, almost, and said "Down with the establishment!". The most curious thing about this would perhaps be that it was written in the Japanese spelling of my time. The other was all but smuddled there and I half had to guess what it said, but it was this: "Fuck you, deities". Looks like some rebellious spirits have been stirred by these curses. It would be a wonder if not. Still, the question is what this would accomplish - probably a punishment for the perpetrator, should the deities be especially miffed by having their walls painted on.

Well! This reminds me - Honda Tohru-san and I have talked, and we thought it might be a good idea to have a party. A feel-good party for everyone who wants a little cheer-up after a curse like this. What does everyone think?

(OOC: Plot is a go! Also, heads up that I might end up backdating a bit, as I will be away over the weekend!)


Mar. 6th, 2009 08:34 pm
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private || thoughts || offscreen )

Funny, isn't it? How it isn't until something affects you deeply and personally that you truly realize its horror. Thank you kindly, City. That was a lesson for life. If I underestimated you before - well. I'm not going to do that any longer.

Moving on. Does the police keep an eye on types like this? It would be a relief to know.

Thank you, Rosella, for calling the communicator's writing function to my attention. As can be seen, I have practiced diligently. It recognizes most of what I'm writing on the first attempt. I think I'll use that from now on - everyone must be so sick of hearing my voice by now.

Youko, or Ryōga-kun, how about some training? I could use that.

(OOC: Following this and that. Flatmates may have noticed her coming home around midnight in a very gloomy mood. Spent some time locked in the bathroom, swearing, crying and retching. Link is IC. And yep, this entry is written. The time of eternal voice posting is over.)
revengeisalie: (Is that a CHALLENGE?)
So, WHO was that idiot that put that cup in the most disaster-prone spot possible? Yeah, forget that cup, it's GONE now!

And, Rokuta-kun. Get between me and my chocolate ONCE more and something will happen. That's MINE, I buy it, I earn the goddamn money for it cleaning people's day-old dishes and mouldy bathroom corners each day, INCLUDING OUR OWN! How about next time you do that, I'm going to shove one of those dirty dishes in your face? YOU'D LIKE THAT, WOULDN'T YOU?

In general, I've figured something out, and that is that THE WORLD IS ONE GIANT PIECE OF SHIT. Everything makes so much SENSE now! Why I'm even in this damn idiotic PLACE and always have this FUCKING GREAT LUCK of mine and why it's always, ALWAYS the bad guys that end up winning. The gangsters, the murderers, the rapists, the crazy scientists! The world LIKES them, and there's nothing anyone can do about it! AND "KARMA" IS FUCKING LAUGHABLE BECAUSE I WANT TO SEE THEM GO DOWN IN THIS LIFE.


[Heavy, huffy breathing.]

... I'll be at the forest, cutting some trees up.

(OOC: Ahaha, yeah. Someone is wrathful today. And that link is not IC.)
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[Clears throat]

Well - first things first! I suppose I owe an apology to all those I scared with my announcement of Youko's disappearance. I hope you all saw that she's come back? She sure is popular here!

[A small sound that may be a laugh.]

Aaanyway! Thank you, again, to... Mister Tony Stark, for the job. It's going well so far.

Now, lately, the City has been subjecting us all to curses of an especially humiliating kind. Really, the theory that it exists to torture us? I'm starting to believe it. It's nothing short of horrible, if you stop and think about it - mind tricks! Body warping! Taking our lives out of our control!

And yet, it's funny, if it feeds on our emotions... no one blames a cat for eating mice.

I don't know, I'm still hoping that someday, and someday soon, I'll finally start seeing the City in its own context, and everything will suddenly fall into place. ... yeah, dream on.

But I'm still finding the library to be a good way to pass time. Except for, maybe, that the amount of topics to read about and the amount of literature available about them is pretty vast. Not to mention that if I explicitly want to read about history, I'm more likely to find a book about gardening in my hands. Oh well. Broadening my horizon, alright. Not that gardening is a bad topic to read about, per se.

And I thiiiink my swordmanship has improved. A little. Maybe.

Hmm... the second month is fast approaching. I wonder if we'll see spring soon?


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