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Hey, October is over. They could stop it now. But no, of course not, can't grant the poor subjects some respite - that won't do at all! Instead, it has to be a full-on war. I wonder how long this one will go... has to be a curse, has to be. This, and the amount of it - it's too sudden. It's been two days already, and not even on a weekend, so I think it might take longer...

Sheesh. Of all the things, really.

And so, about those flyers I've seen around, and not just me for sure: I think now would just be the right time to exercise some damage control. Get a spot to hide and create a sanctuary for the uncursed; try to somehow stop this madness - whatever. But something's gotta be done.

As if this wasn't enough... that's what you get for giving them the benefit of doubt.

(OOC: Unaffected and all the more exasperated for it. Curse Brigade, I hope this is alright! Strikeouts are muttered... even more than the small font.)
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[It's quiet in the little room. The sun rays entering through the window have taken on a golden hue - the days are getting shorter, now. On a carpet on the floor, a young man is sitting and writing with a pencil into a notebook. Obviously, he's deep in thought.]


[Suddenly, his focus leaves the paper in front of him and he creases his brow, as if startled at the sound of his own voice. He shakes his head shortly, but then his eyes graze his own hands. With a look of utter incredulity, he raises them to better inspect them. After having done so for a while, he slowly, with calculated movements, gets up and approaches the wardrobe mirror. He just stares at it and then lets out a low groan.]

Oh, you've got to be kidding me.

(OOC: Backdated bodyswitch with Peter Petrelli. Have at her~! Flatmates, feel free to JUST HAPPEN to be knocking on her door. EDIT: ... and off I go again. Sob. Back on Wednesday.)


Jun. 14th, 2009 06:54 pm
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So, uhm, yesterday... what exactly happened yesterday? My memory's kind of really fuzzy. It feels sort of like a really weird dream... I think my body wasn't my own.
... it's that weekend again, isn't it? Yeah, how high are chances that I was cursed yesterday? Uhm. I'm sorry for anyone I may have inconvenienced. I've got an odd feeling I did.


Okay, uhm. I just went back through my journal. I'm so very, deeply sorry, Miss Shahrhazad! You were right, of course, and I was cursed. But, for some reason, I'm pretty sure I had the intention... well, to kill you, and that warrants an apology under any circumstances. If there's anything I can do, please tell me.

I wonder how I got hold of that poster, though. Did I make it myself or did the curse provide even that?

Curses like this are a little disturbing. I seemed pretty sure of who I was, yesterday... that makes the whole difference between reality and illusion a little blurry. And yet here I am, absolutely sure that I am Asano Rin, a girl from Edo who ended up in a very strange City by means she never even thought possible!

This is crazy. This place is completely crazy. Yeah, nothing new, I know. It's just that I feel compelled to make note of it again and again and again.

I'm getting restless, again.


Jun. 7th, 2009 12:04 am
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So the meteor shower went by without trouble. A good thing, at least! At first, it was really nice to look at, but it got a little spooky later on. Makes you wonder... is this all a deliberate ploy of the same instance that determines the curses? Was it a curse? Or is it just part of how this place works, like any other place, too... okay, and then there's the question if even other places just work, or if everything that happens is determined by the gods and the spirits or a bodiless cosmic entity or something. Wow, now I'm starting to wax poetic.

Maybe this place really isn't so strange, and it's just the details that are different. But it's the details that matter.

I may have chosen an inconvenient time for my party, seeing as, yes, there is a curse day today. But it doesn't seem to be one of those that affect people differently, so, assuming that it'll last only one day, tomorrow should be fine. I'm sorry, everyone. I wasn't really thinking about this possibility. And... I don't want to leave anyone out because of this.

That said, this is just... what. Did it have to be some kind of horror story setup? I think I'm just... gonna spend this one inside.

(OOC: ... I. I'm really sorry for the poor planning on my part! ^^; I personally did not consider the curse, and Rin certainly couldn't have known ICly. Also I'm just... going to assume it's been recognizable on the network up to now. |D;; But tomorrow is definitely party time!)
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What an eventful week, indeed! Fortunately, for all I've been cursed, they've been comparatively mild. I wonder what language I was speaking the other day. I hope everyone's been well? As much as is possible. The network did resound with news of kidnappings - good luck to those involved!

When not cursed, I was mostly busy with everyday work, and - I've found myself spending a lot of time in the library. I'm really glad there's such a great amount of literature readily available here - I heard the books are elusive when one is seeking for them, but since I wasn't particularly looking for anything, I stumbled upon some interesting things!

And so, I have been reading up on political concepts. Things like "democracy" - the rule of the people - "communism", or "absolutism". The spectrum that goes from extreme traditional to extreme liberal and everything in between. It's very interesting, I think. "Democracy" particularly so - no totalitarian government to make decisions over anyone's head, or do outright wrong without the people being able to defend themselves. Of course, the government is what shapes the rules of a state, but it is still made up by its people. Masses upon masses of people.

I may find myself delving into this a bit deeper, if I have the time.

Oh! I looked at maps, too. I saw some that had Japan in it, and they all looked similar, so I guess they must represent the world as it is at home. Japan is so small compared to the whole world. I wonder just how different all those other places look.

[filtered || friends || so very hackable]

Do you think a person can ever reach a point in life where they are all in all satisfied with the person they have become?

(OOC: Friends are anyone she's talked to more than once, basically. ♥ Except for obvious people. That, by the way, is my very favourite enemy - go and add him, if you haven't!)
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... w-uwaahh...


[The device records the sound a human makes when crashing full-force onto the ground. Not long after, the shuffling of flesh and cloth on asphalt follows.]

Ow, ow, ow...

[A pause, then a ragged gasp is audible.]

Haaaaah? What is... what did just?


This isn't happening, this so can't be happening...

(OOC: And with that, one Asano Rin has been dumped in the square. Both journal & comment log is welcome!)


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