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[Sometimes, the library gives you very odd things, and other times, very rarely, it gives you just what you need.

That's right, Rin is at the library. She's walking around, gaze darting to and fro with an almost nervous air. Whenever she meets a person, she backpedals just a little. Slung tightly into her arms is a bunch of books, and she's taking care to cover their titles with her limbs and clothing. Still, an attentive eye might maybe catch a glimpse -- but oh!

Now she seems to have found out where she wants to go. She's retreating into the desolate areas of the building, where no one else cares to sit. There is no table there, but a lone chair next to a window. Rin shoots a last look to the left and one to the right, then she turns the chair around so that it faces the window, sits down and puts the books down on the windowsill.

Revealed is the title of the book at the top, which reads: "Sex For The Clueless - An Illustrated Step-By-Step Guide On How To Please Your Partner". Make no mistake: Rin is doing research.]

(OOC: Awkward teen time is GO. Feel free to stumble upon her at the library.)
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At first, all you see is darkness, and the darkness is total. Not a thing discernible - except for sounds. Wet sounds, like water dripping somewhere far away, and sounds of breathing, not loud, but clearly audible. Rin, she tries to move in this darkness and kicks a few pebbles loose.

A feeling of danger reigns over the room - and it is somewhere inside something, judging by the sounds and the odd feeling of walls closing in on you.

Then, kaboom! Light literally explodes into the room, and in plain view to the front is a cavern tapering to a tunnel, and in that tunnel, doors start opening. One following swiftly after another, there are also creatures coming out from behind those doors. They look like large, humanoid otters, their faces a mere caricature of an animal.

They start moving, back to where Rin is standing.

(OOC: Inspired by this mess (spoilers).)


May. 29th, 2009 10:55 pm
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If you've been wondering: it's official. Manji has left the City. I checked: his picture was there, nice and clear, in the Hall of the Missing. Probably the worst thing about this is that I know what will happen - that he's not really "better off home", but... but on that day with the many visitors, Dōa said we made it out. I'll just have to count on that. Because if we do, things will somehow turn out alright. Even if we can't tell what the future brings, but I'm not going to worry about that.

And another year older. Seventeen years old now, and an orphan for three.

... I still hope I can go home and find him soon.

On another note, I've become sort of curious about guns. I've seen some really modern-looking ones around the City. They look like they're easier to handle than your regular teppo or tantsutsu back home, too. Not that I know much about those; in fact, I'm not really familiar with them and have only seen a few in my life - not like swords. As a samurai's daughter, swords are sort of natural to me. Now, their use is a different thing... But it really isn't an unexpected development, for sure. All these new devices make everyday tasks a lot easier; even if they seem complicated if you're unfamiliar with them. Guess that's what "progress" really means.

Like these network devices - at first, I was really bewildered by them and only knew that if I spoke to it, I'd eventually get an answer. These disembodied voices were kind of spooky and took some getting used to. But after all, due to this, people can talk over distances and conversation can occur where it normally wouldn't.

My, I'm going off on a tangent again.


Youko, Rokuta-kun and all? Would it be too much to ask to move back in with you? Living here all on my own would be awful lonely. It's okay if you have no room or something.

[private to Umi, Akiha and Enki || unhackable]

Are you alright?

I told you so.

(OOC; Recovery: in progress. Strikeouts: hackable. Fellow reckless rascals of yesterday, I hope this is okay! And Rin's birthday was, uh... sometime this month because I said so. Not today. EDIT: Off to bed I am, will pick up tags tomorrow~.)
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[Her feet make a quiet sound as she walks down the hall to Manji's room. She knocks on the door twice, then opens it and starts talking.]

Manji, how about we -- ... ?

[The door gives way to an empty room, and Rin pauses in her tracks.]


... MANJI?!

[Another sweeping glance at the room, then she turns around and walks to the kitchen and living room. No trace of Manj here, either. She stands, one finger near her mouth and her brow creased in thought.]

No note, no nothing? He would've told me if he'd gone out, and I would've heard him leaving his room anyway; and I would've noticed if...

[Her eyes widen, and hastily, she turns around again - searches all rooms and comes up empty; lastly goes back to Manji's room. She opens the window and inspects the surroundings for signs of a fight - but they are as they ever were. Propped up on the windowsill, Rin whispers to herself, the shock of realization creeping onto her face.]

No... No! This... can't be happening... right? Right?

[A quiver catches her lip, but she holds it, keeps herself together, and pushes her body away fromt he window with a vengeance, runs a few steps - and stops, closing the window. She tries to walk to the living room calmly, but her legs betray her, and she can barely sit down to scribble a note, then hurries to the front door, donning her straw sandals. Finally, she opens the door, steps through, and slams it.]

(OOC: Hubby left :(. Cue a few days of moping. Action if you want to come across her in the street.)


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