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[After having climbed up there with much effort and little grace (it took about half an hour), Rin stands atop the carousel! She is out of breath, but pays it no heed. So it is among heavy pants that she speaks.]

Well, well, well.


Getting cocky, are we, Team Blue? You think you've got us. So sure of yourself!


[Whoever is passing by might see her brandishing her sword with elaborate gesture. And what a sword it is! Both the carved handle and the blade newly polished, the latter gleaming in the sun.]

Count your days. Because there are few of them left! You shall not prevail!

[And if you listen closely enough, you might perceive a slightly insane giggle.]


(OOC: ... obviously cursed out of her mind; part of the Reds. Now more boastful as ever.)
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[The click of the key turning in the lock can be heard, and a moment after it softly closes - not quite as carefully as could have been, maybe. Dull steps on the floor; abused straw sandals crickle.]

I'm home! ... what? Ah, I was... out... busy...

Mh, yeah. Going to bed now. Telling you later.

[Rustling of cloth, and then her voice is closer. Heavy breaths make uncomfortable noises.]

Oh, this was on? It really... likes doing that at the worst moments. But...

To anyone who helped: thank you. You're wonderful. You're really... really great.

Long OOC note of some importance. )
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The room is small and the air in it a little stale and I think maybe it's all the life stories that have been dragged to light here, for better or for worse. I'm kneeling and so is Nakaya, the man who is my ticket to freedom. He's nervous and shows it all too obviously - blabbering forth in a string of awkwardness. I have to reprimand him - dear brother-in-law... please!

I'm not Rin now. And it goes on )

(OOC: And such is the story of how Rin illegally passed a checkpoint on sheer guts and mad acting skillz. Available for your viewing pleasure here. I say she's currently having a vision and... doing some kind of vision-trance-talk. Yes.)


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