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[By the magic of the City, a little girl of maybe six years appears on Misery Square. She's just walking cheerfully, her reaction to the new situation delayed. But then it registers, and she stops and blinks.]

-- hm?

[Her eyes dart around, and then they light up in recognition.]

Uwaaah! It's the weird city again!

[For a few moments, she's just standing there gaping. Then, she notices that something's stuck in her obi. A communication device! Excited, she plucks it out and holds it in front of her face with both hands.]

Hello, box! Hellooooooo!

(OOC: The return of Babyrin! Taken from soon after the last time, but not from a specific canon scene. Have at her. Oh, and network replies are assumed voice.)
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Ah, oh my! So I was finally affected by the child curse. What an embarassment. Here, an obligatory but no less heart-felt apology as well as a big thank you for everyone who had to put up with my younger self. I guess I was a bit of a spoiled brat.

Particular thanks to Kurosu-san and to Youko, for watching us me the whole time.

And then haha, do say... have any of you ever noticed a tendency in the way the City affects you to... rub salt in certain wounds? Repeatedly, like it wants to make a point about it?

I'm sorry if that question is too personal. No one should by any means feel obligated to answer it, or even answer in detail.

[private to Umi || unhackable]

Are you better?

[private to Anotsu || UNHACKABLE]

I'm taking the pinwheel back.
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[In your square, there is a little girl in a pink kimono. She is smiling as she speaks, and the mirth in her voice is clearly audible.]

That none of us get burned by sparks!

[But then she looks around herself and realizes... that something is amiss.]


... mommy?

[Her face and voice both carry the sheer puzzlement. She is too confused to even be properly shocked.]



Daddy? Grandpa?

(OOC: Upping your kid quota with the Age Reversal curse. Taken quite directly from this scene and about six years old.)


May. 5th, 2009 10:30 pm
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And suddenly, the City looks familiar! It's not quite the same, but it's pretty close to home! That's... nice on the one hand, but also doubles the nostalgia. One way or the other, it's pretty amazing. I think this is the first curse that changes the whole City that I witness.

Of course, this also means doing things the old-fashioned way. Not that I really mind, but some inventions are really useful if a little weird and scary at first, if you're not used to them. Except for the network device - of course, that must be had! Not logical at all, but then, the City's never been. I ought to be used to it by now.

Almost half a year that I've been here. Time sure flies! I've known Manji for a whole year now. ... and according to the Lunar Calendar, my birthday's coming up soon.

Anyway, the real occasion is, of course, tango no sekku. The City seems to have decided on the date according to the Solar Calendar. Among everything that came together, I almost forgot, but I used the day to get some nice celebrational decoration. I got some really cute dolls at the market! Couldn't afford armor, though. Ah well, can't have everything, right? It would be silly to waste the money for one day, anyway...

... getting really nostalgic. Hah. I've got to get a grip or something.

Well! Happy tango no sekku and summer season to everyone!

[private to Yuuki Kurosu]

Speaking of Manji! He came to his senses about two days ago. Until then, he thought I was his little sister - but that included my time in the City. So everything I did here, his little sister did in his mind. So I'd say it was more of a memory change than a loss.

What about your friend?


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