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[voice message]

[A bit of static as the microphone flickers to life.]

I... I want to thank you. Thank you all. Yesterday was wonderful. Thank you for being there, and to those who helped, and all those presents... they're all great. Yes, Shiki, even yours... in a way. I had a great deal of fun and... it just means a lot to me. Really. So. Thanks.

Geez, I never thought of the possibility that I might actually be sad about something if I ever leave this place... but I'm definitely going to miss all the great friends I made here. If I even remember you, that is.

But even if I should not remember you, you still mean a lot to the Rin that is here now. For me, that has to be enough.

[end voice message]

That said: Warden Elections, huh? And again, I can make no contribution, as there are signifantly more nominees than last time and I know maybe one of them. Too busy partying to get my facts straight, or something. Ah, well, there's still something iffy about it, since it's maintained by the deities, anyway. I somehow doubt they're that greatly concerned with law and order in this place. And yet, there is some kind of justice system. Wonder if it's to keep us entertained - busy with establishing order among ourselves. Maybe generous, in a way.

(OOC: Aheh... so, uhm. [ profile] tampered log is here, should you still want to participate in it. If you don't, but want to assume your character was there, that's fine, too! I'm cool with everything. ♥)


Jun. 4th, 2009 09:45 pm
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Thanks, everyone, for your input in my last entry! So it's official: my party will be held

Saturday, June 6, at the beach.

Be sure to come, everyone! Well, I'll understand if you can't, but... still, everyone who'd like to come is welcome. Except if you'll cause trouble, but that's not very likely, is it? It had better not be.

[private to Youko and Umi]

Do we want to meet for baking tomorrow evening?

Also, uhm... this is a little embarassing, but... well, what do you actually do at a beach party? I mean, I don't want my guests to get bored, after all. And this is actually the first party I'm hosting. Ohmygodsonervous.


Jun. 1st, 2009 10:52 pm
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Well! It seems like a lot of people want some kind of belated celebration for my birthday. It surprised me a little. Only, who wants to come, and when does everyone have time? Ah, wait! Let me use this one function my network device has... the polling function! I've been fiddling with it a little, and I think I've got the hang of it now. Watch this!

... okay, it, uhm, doesn't quite work the way I wanted it to. Scratch that. Where'd I go wrong? I could've sworn it worked before. Oh well, later!

Anyway, the question is: Friday, Sunday or Saturday? That would be June 5, 6, and 7 respectively. Of course, we could always make it another date if those aren't convenient! Then there's the question of where. We could hold the party at my apartment... but at this time of the year, I'd say it would be nicer outside - if the weather is good. So Xanadu or the beach? We could even bring fireworks or something!

Lastly, any suggestions on what kind of cake I should try making? Because Rokuta-kun insisted that there be cake. And, uh, Youko, you need to help me with that. I've got zero experience with cakes.

This is gonna be great. I'm really glad, you guys.

(OOC: ... definitely posted too early. |D Going to bed, will pick up tags later. ♥)


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