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[A small cell with a signifantly smaller window which only lets in spare light. Huddled in a showdy corner beneath said window is Rin, breathing heavily and irregularly, eyes diluted.]

... hnngh. I get it.

[Her voice is quiet and a little shaky at the beginning, but then becomes steady as her breathing calms down.]

You won't let me out of here, right? Not before I do what you want, before I say the words you want, before...

Well. I plead guilty, I do. I can say that. There's... [She has her eyes downcast.]

... there's blood on my hands, no denying that.

However. Half those cases turned out to be something of self-defense, and Renzō...

If Renzō wants to judge me for what I did, that's his due right. I'll grant that to him... and him only.

I am not going to give up myself or my freedom to anyone else for this.

[Now, she's looking directly at the camera. There's a flicker in her eyes that says she's noticed that it's recording.]

Because there are things that are more important to me.

(OOC: Been psychologically bombarded with an ever-rewinding replay of Anotsu telling her he's doing it all for grandpa, with the occasional memory of mommy dearest thrown in for good measure. \o/ Will escape later on today.)
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[It's quiet in the little room. The sun rays entering through the window have taken on a golden hue - the days are getting shorter, now. On a carpet on the floor, a young man is sitting and writing with a pencil into a notebook. Obviously, he's deep in thought.]


[Suddenly, his focus leaves the paper in front of him and he creases his brow, as if startled at the sound of his own voice. He shakes his head shortly, but then his eyes graze his own hands. With a look of utter incredulity, he raises them to better inspect them. After having done so for a while, he slowly, with calculated movements, gets up and approaches the wardrobe mirror. He just stares at it and then lets out a low groan.]

Oh, you've got to be kidding me.

(OOC: Backdated bodyswitch with Peter Petrelli. Have at her~! Flatmates, feel free to JUST HAPPEN to be knocking on her door. EDIT: ... and off I go again. Sob. Back on Wednesday.)


Jul. 16th, 2009 10:52 pm
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Sooo yesterday basically flew right over my head. I hear it was something like modern office life. Well, the more you know! I don't really know a lot about that, be it here or at home. I only know the machinations a citizen has to go through to get something... and that those processes are probably not exempt from manipulation.

Question of the day: what's up with the end of the year? Someone told me this place usually gets something special up for that. Like, last year, it was apparently a zombie invasion? And the clock stopped? I'd like to know more about this. ... I know it's probably late in coming. Or early. Depending on how you view it.

Furthermore: Uta-chan's throwing a beach party on Saturday, the 25th. Flatmates, who of you wants to come? Because I'm so going.

... I hope everyone's recovered from last weekend. Shiki?

[private to Lockon Stratos and Setsuna F. Seiei || viewable to Umi || unhackable]

Mister Lockon, Setsuna-san...

I'd like to speak to either of you, about, you know, that thing we don't want to talk about on the network? I hope it's no trouble and that you have the time.
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[Rin is sitting in the living room, on the armchair they got along with the couch - on which Manji is currently lying with his eyes closed, snoring a little. The window is open, letting in fresh air and the noises from the street. A book lies forgotten in her lap; she's gotten to thinking.

Curses, curses and curses. She's been affected to be uncomfortably friendly with Anotsu, of all people, again; something she tries to push away, but can't help mulling over in idle moments like this.

Then all her friends who are regularly affected.

She hasn't talked about it with Manji yet. She hasn't talked about a lot of things with him. Maybe now is the time.

Her eyes wander over to Manji's sleeping figure.]



Mar. 30th, 2009 01:27 pm
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private || thoughts || offscreen )

Well, that was interesting. Somewhat stressful, but interesting. Also that I went to a private girl's school - it sort of mirrors my own education; even if the rest wasn't much like it. Schools are usually private at home. Public schools and the compulsion that everyone must attend school, that's not really known.

It's been a while.

And the mischief I got into during those three days! I swear I wasn't that bad. Well, all young children get into trouble now and then... but it's safe. At the end of the day, there's still... there's still mommy and daddy and friends and teachers. Pretty harmless compared to some other things I've dealt with - and not least of all the City.

... I hope no one was seriously harmed during this curse. For all its seeming harmlessness, you never know.

[private to "Buddy"]

I'm not sorry.

[private to rebellion members]

Hmm... so. There's an idea that's been in my head for a while.


Mar. 13th, 2009 11:52 pm
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notes || plans in the City || offscreen )

In all the time I've been here, yesterday's curse was maybe the most awful thing that has happened yet. Being married to one's worst enemy is one thing, but that innocents, children as adults, have to know death for a day? That's a gross injustice. Now, we can be glad that it was only a day, certainly - but can you measure death? Isn't a day enough, or rather, isn't a day too much? This isn't something that should happen at all, and it's appalling that it does and is to be expected here.

When I went to Huey-kun's today, I saw words scribbled on the walls near aparment building number one. Two sentences: one was written neatly, like a small work of art, almost, and said "Down with the establishment!". The most curious thing about this would perhaps be that it was written in the Japanese spelling of my time. The other was all but smuddled there and I half had to guess what it said, but it was this: "Fuck you, deities". Looks like some rebellious spirits have been stirred by these curses. It would be a wonder if not. Still, the question is what this would accomplish - probably a punishment for the perpetrator, should the deities be especially miffed by having their walls painted on.

Well! This reminds me - Honda Tohru-san and I have talked, and we thought it might be a good idea to have a party. A feel-good party for everyone who wants a little cheer-up after a curse like this. What does everyone think?

(OOC: Plot is a go! Also, heads up that I might end up backdating a bit, as I will be away over the weekend!)


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