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[So it's that day again. And since the last strategy failed rather epically due to City-induced memory wipe, it is now time for Plan B!

Thus you now have a Rin standing in the square, once again, armed with a notepad and her sweetest smile. She exchanged her flame-pattered kimono for a rather standard fare, autumn-themed one and has tied her hair neatly into a bun. She's not carrying her sword.

Occasionally, she addresses people on the street. It might even be you she's talking to.]

Ah... excuse me? Excuse me! Would you, perhaps, be ready to answer a few questions? I'm doing a survey, you see, and it'd really help me if you'd have a few minutes...

(OOC: No, "giving up" is not, in fact, part of her vocabulary. As usual, absolutely anything goes!)


Jun. 22nd, 2009 11:54 pm
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notes || off network )

So that was Father's Day according the the City, huh? For the record, I liked it. I liked it a lot. I spent the day with my father, and I had so much to tell him and to explain! What's been going on in the last three years, and then how this City works. And, most importantly, I got to say goodbye to him. Even if he wasn't real -- I want to believe he was. Umi-chan is right: for this, I thank you, City.

Now, can we have the same thing for next Mother's Day? I'd even be willing to stick around until then, if that were the case.

... I probably shouldn't be saying this, knowing how many people were visited by bad fathers yesterday, huh? Ah, well. Not like I'm getting my hopes up. That would be foolish.

Back to everyday City routine, it is!
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Hah, no one ever told me the West District was this pretty. Really, if they can make one part of town like this, they might as well do it for the rest, too! Sometimes I don't know what those guys at the Factory are thinking. ... wait, I do know. Never mind that.

[Clears throat.]

Anyway, this is Asano Rin, Hunter Warrior, and I'm here on the job. More precisely, has anyone seen this woman?

[The screen shows the following picture.]

Any help would be appreciated.

On a side note, for all the candy stores this area seems to have, there's a surprising lack of, you know... actual candy. Or am I just going the wrong way about it?

(OOC: So... because I said I'd do it, here is your cyborg!Rin. Looks something like this s-stfu. Will not recognize anyone from the City except Shahr and Anotsu, both of whom she has every intention to keel ded, sob.)


Mar. 20th, 2009 10:35 pm
Warden elections, huh? So that's democracy in execution. Or at least a pretention thereof. We know they're humoring us, right? Right. Well, let them have their fun. I'd even vote, but given that I have only spoken to Nakamura-san on one occasion and never to Seiei-san, I don't think I can play the game right.

Also, the... graffiti just kept coming. Yesterday I saw them in the square. Really, is that all they can come up with? I can do better than that!

Now, for that, dear fellow citizens, and this is maybe not the best moment - but I'm tired of sitting around. I want to get something done. Anyone else feel the same way, per chance? No?

... anyway.


Tell me about them. Any and all. Of what, you ask? Of the City! In topics such as

- exits
- population
- deity appearances
- curses

What have you! If you can think of something, I want to know it. Not only numbers, also details. Whatever. I've been aimlessly theorizing around for a while now, but without some material to work with, I won't be getting anywhere, now will I? And before you tell me that the deities will see the big font - well, no way to make sure that they can't hear us when we talk face to face, right? They might watch us sleep and bathe, for all we know! And, really, like their little experimental subjects - or, alternately, sources of amusement - can do anything at all.

So. Do tell.

(OOC: Fire Monkey, lol. Basically, she'll be extra smartass and ambitious today. EDIT: Sorry guys for dropping tags. ;-; Got tired early and stuff.)


Mar. 12th, 2009 10:56 pm
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A video on the network of a dead boy, plain in sight for all to see. Were I more cynical than I am, I'd say that at least it makes things easier, in terms of detective work - but no. No, something like that -- it shouldn't happen. Plain should. Not. Happen.

And yet it does, time upon time upon time again. People are left behind to say "poor child, he never deserved that fate".

But we can't leave it at that, no. In order to be able to do anything at all, we must do what we can to find the culprit.

Thus, I ask anyone who believes they might have valuable information for this case to speak up! And by valuable information, I mean anything pertaining to Huey and this morning at all!
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[Somewhere not so far from the Deity Office, there is a bench.

On this bench, there is a Rin.

In her lap are located her communicator, a notebook and a pencil.

Her eyes are focused on the building, an intensely thoughtful expression filling them.]

... hnnn.

(OOC: Heads up! Yes, she's going to try and invade that thing in the near future. With mod-approval, of course. ... this is happening some time during the day.)
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What an eventful week, indeed! Fortunately, for all I've been cursed, they've been comparatively mild. I wonder what language I was speaking the other day. I hope everyone's been well? As much as is possible. The network did resound with news of kidnappings - good luck to those involved!

When not cursed, I was mostly busy with everyday work, and - I've found myself spending a lot of time in the library. I'm really glad there's such a great amount of literature readily available here - I heard the books are elusive when one is seeking for them, but since I wasn't particularly looking for anything, I stumbled upon some interesting things!

And so, I have been reading up on political concepts. Things like "democracy" - the rule of the people - "communism", or "absolutism". The spectrum that goes from extreme traditional to extreme liberal and everything in between. It's very interesting, I think. "Democracy" particularly so - no totalitarian government to make decisions over anyone's head, or do outright wrong without the people being able to defend themselves. Of course, the government is what shapes the rules of a state, but it is still made up by its people. Masses upon masses of people.

I may find myself delving into this a bit deeper, if I have the time.

Oh! I looked at maps, too. I saw some that had Japan in it, and they all looked similar, so I guess they must represent the world as it is at home. Japan is so small compared to the whole world. I wonder just how different all those other places look.

[filtered || friends || so very hackable]

Do you think a person can ever reach a point in life where they are all in all satisfied with the person they have become?

(OOC: Friends are anyone she's talked to more than once, basically. ♥ Except for obvious people. That, by the way, is my very favourite enemy - go and add him, if you haven't!)
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Yesterday's curse was interesting, I think - a lot of different worlds and concepts to read about. It gives one a greater idea about the broad range of people and cultures this City is made up of, and that's a most fascinating thing. Still, the fact remains is that most people were forced by the curse.

It put me in mind of my own home - more than usually, I mean. I think about it everyday, anyway. Can't not.

It also made me aware that I've been here for over a month. That's twice as long as he's been in that prison. This isn't right. I can't just - Riou-san, when's that group attempt you spoke of?

However, this being the second curse that makes us speak of our home or aspects thereof in a month, it begs the question why this is happening. One would think that if the City wants to keep us here, it would not actively keep our memories so fresh. Yet, of course, I've read of the theory that as long as one wants to go home, they will stay.

... wasn't there also a theory that the City feeds off of misery? That makes it sound oddly like a living thing.

Then, those damned decrees. Now they want us to make someone cry. I've about had it with this!

[Long-suffering sigh.]

Well, not much choice if we want to keep our deities happy, right? And, hehe, no one said we can't get a little creative with this, sooo...


Tomorrow's. Dinner. Will involve ONIONS.

If you catch my drift. Ryōga-san can come, too.

[filtered from known deities (Mouse, Sabine, Virginia) || hackable]

There's something I've been wondering about... does anyone know something specific about the Deity Office?

And what about their "superiors"?

(OOC: Interrupting the hiatus to get all srs bsns. What.)


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