revengeisalie: (Desperate measures.)
[RIN IS located in the kitchen, making some plates clatter around as she buzzes about. But then, she halts in her tracks!]

... why, and who are you... ?

[Her voice, half cooing, half suspicious. The sound of tiny feet and wings.]





Ow! Ow, ow! Wha' 'e heww?

(OOC: AROUND FOR THE WEEKEND. I missed you, Poly! ;_; EDIT: Aaand off I go again! See you next weekend.)


Jun. 4th, 2009 09:45 pm
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Thanks, everyone, for your input in my last entry! So it's official: my party will be held

Saturday, June 6, at the beach.

Be sure to come, everyone! Well, I'll understand if you can't, but... still, everyone who'd like to come is welcome. Except if you'll cause trouble, but that's not very likely, is it? It had better not be.

[private to Youko and Umi]

Do we want to meet for baking tomorrow evening?

Also, uhm... this is a little embarassing, but... well, what do you actually do at a beach party? I mean, I don't want my guests to get bored, after all. And this is actually the first party I'm hosting. Ohmygodsonervous.


Apr. 1st, 2009 10:09 am
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There you go outside in the morning to get some groceries and get almost squished to death by the many people there! Not to mention the greatly prolonged time it took to just get the grocery shopping done. They were pretty loud, too. Some of them all but attacked some other people!

Whatever is up with that?

(OOC: ANYTHING GOES. Have at her~!)
revengeisalie: (Flowing and floating.)
[Somewhere not so far from the Deity Office, there is a bench.

On this bench, there is a Rin.

In her lap are located her communicator, a notebook and a pencil.

Her eyes are focused on the building, an intensely thoughtful expression filling them.]

... hnnn.

(OOC: Heads up! Yes, she's going to try and invade that thing in the near future. With mod-approval, of course. ... this is happening some time during the day.)
revengeisalie: (Will you be able to die properly)
Excuse me, everyone - I imagine yesterday might have been eventful for most and rather taxing for some, but this is urgent.

[Clears her throat.]

Has anyone seen Nakajima Youko? Japanese, red hair, tan skin?

She's been gone without a word or trace as of this morning. I'm worried. Youko, if you see this, please answer.

(OOC: In reaction to this. :<)


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