Jul. 9th, 2009 04:10 am
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Does anyone remember me telling them about last Saturday, when the visitors came? I'm sure I did my preparations to engage them in conversation, and I'm sure I had a few nice talks --

But I don't remember a single conversation. Not a word. And I was sure I scribbled down some notes, but I seem to have misplaced them, or -- well, I wonder. If it's the City that disposed of them. Just what kind of information did I attain there? I don't remember what Manji said.

This is so frustrating. I might have been this close.

Is this what you do if something happens that you don't like, deities? Nice to know. But that would mean that you miscalculated. Or was it all part of the plan?

Yesterday did not improve my mood. The water was annoying. I did not go out beyond the necessary, because I'm not sure if I dare going out armed with nothing but water balloons.

The first weekend of the month passed and it was not Random Curse Weekend. Again.

(OOC: Thanks to everyone who 4th walled Rin! I truly had a blast. ♥ And yes, I decided to memory-wipe her because she received some hints about the game's OOC workings, and I want to be on the safe side. |D;; Strikeouts are so not there.)
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[Her feet make a quiet sound as she walks down the hall to Manji's room. She knocks on the door twice, then opens it and starts talking.]

Manji, how about we -- ... ?

[The door gives way to an empty room, and Rin pauses in her tracks.]


... MANJI?!

[Another sweeping glance at the room, then she turns around and walks to the kitchen and living room. No trace of Manj here, either. She stands, one finger near her mouth and her brow creased in thought.]

No note, no nothing? He would've told me if he'd gone out, and I would've heard him leaving his room anyway; and I would've noticed if...

[Her eyes widen, and hastily, she turns around again - searches all rooms and comes up empty; lastly goes back to Manji's room. She opens the window and inspects the surroundings for signs of a fight - but they are as they ever were. Propped up on the windowsill, Rin whispers to herself, the shock of realization creeping onto her face.]

No... No! This... can't be happening... right? Right?

[A quiver catches her lip, but she holds it, keeps herself together, and pushes her body away fromt he window with a vengeance, runs a few steps - and stops, closing the window. She tries to walk to the living room calmly, but her legs betray her, and she can barely sit down to scribble a note, then hurries to the front door, donning her straw sandals. Finally, she opens the door, steps through, and slams it.]

(OOC: Hubby left :(. Cue a few days of moping. Action if you want to come across her in the street.)
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[The screen flickers to life and shows a portion of Rin's sleeved arm, which slowly gives way to more and more of her figure as she moves away. She's in the kitchen and now standing at the counter, but there's an unusual element to her: she's slung her cloth bag over her shoulder, and with it, she carries her ornate Chinese heirloom sword.

She opens one of the hanging cupboards and takes out a wooden box. Then, she moves a little to the side; opens and closes another cupboard. She takes out a bowl. Her hands deftly open the box and she pours rice into the bowl. Then, she moves over to the nearby sink, puts the bowl in and turns on the tap.

What comes out is strangely dark. It pours downwards and expands quickly, until it throws the bowl out of the sink.

The bowl empties its contents onto the floor, kept from breaking by more hair, and Rin moves a few steps backwards.]

So you've decided to show yourself?!

[Quickly, she reaches for herself, but before she can put her hand on the hilt, the hair wraps around it and pulls the sword out of its sheath. Rin moves backwards, taking over more and more of the screen, until she bumps into the table. Hair wraps around her wrist.]


[She hastily grabs for the knife and cuts the hair with it. Unfazed, it advances more and Rin makes a cut at it again, moving her feet apart more, bowing her body slightly and rising her arms up - wielding the knife like a sword. The exchange continues in a hurry, Rin moving back and forth as she cuts and retreats at the same time.

Rin reaches the fridge and opens it, taking out a platter with left-over mochi from two days before. She takes the carefully wrapped foil away and holds out the platter.]

It's not cake, but here!

[To no avail - the hair just makes a swipe at it and knocks the platter out of her hands, sending plate and loose mochi flying to the floor. The fight begins anew.]

MANJI! Come help me with this!

[But before he has time to react, the hair seizes Rin and wraps around her wrists first, immobilizing her hands, then starts shooting up her legs. She stares, horrified and helpless as a third strand touches her head - and then, all of it suddenly halts.

The kitchen is transformed into a whirlwind as all the abundance of hair retreats further and further, until it has vanished in the tap where it came from, as if it had never been there.

Rin can only stand there, panting, and look at the mess.]

(OOC: Spared by Hair Immunity!)


Mar. 13th, 2009 11:52 pm
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In all the time I've been here, yesterday's curse was maybe the most awful thing that has happened yet. Being married to one's worst enemy is one thing, but that innocents, children as adults, have to know death for a day? That's a gross injustice. Now, we can be glad that it was only a day, certainly - but can you measure death? Isn't a day enough, or rather, isn't a day too much? This isn't something that should happen at all, and it's appalling that it does and is to be expected here.

When I went to Huey-kun's today, I saw words scribbled on the walls near aparment building number one. Two sentences: one was written neatly, like a small work of art, almost, and said "Down with the establishment!". The most curious thing about this would perhaps be that it was written in the Japanese spelling of my time. The other was all but smuddled there and I half had to guess what it said, but it was this: "Fuck you, deities". Looks like some rebellious spirits have been stirred by these curses. It would be a wonder if not. Still, the question is what this would accomplish - probably a punishment for the perpetrator, should the deities be especially miffed by having their walls painted on.

Well! This reminds me - Honda Tohru-san and I have talked, and we thought it might be a good idea to have a party. A feel-good party for everyone who wants a little cheer-up after a curse like this. What does everyone think?

(OOC: Plot is a go! Also, heads up that I might end up backdating a bit, as I will be away over the weekend!)


Mar. 6th, 2009 08:34 pm
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Funny, isn't it? How it isn't until something affects you deeply and personally that you truly realize its horror. Thank you kindly, City. That was a lesson for life. If I underestimated you before - well. I'm not going to do that any longer.

Moving on. Does the police keep an eye on types like this? It would be a relief to know.

Thank you, Rosella, for calling the communicator's writing function to my attention. As can be seen, I have practiced diligently. It recognizes most of what I'm writing on the first attempt. I think I'll use that from now on - everyone must be so sick of hearing my voice by now.

Youko, or Ryōga-kun, how about some training? I could use that.

(OOC: Following this and that. Flatmates may have noticed her coming home around midnight in a very gloomy mood. Spent some time locked in the bathroom, swearing, crying and retching. Link is IC. And yep, this entry is written. The time of eternal voice posting is over.)
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What an eventful week, indeed! Fortunately, for all I've been cursed, they've been comparatively mild. I wonder what language I was speaking the other day. I hope everyone's been well? As much as is possible. The network did resound with news of kidnappings - good luck to those involved!

When not cursed, I was mostly busy with everyday work, and - I've found myself spending a lot of time in the library. I'm really glad there's such a great amount of literature readily available here - I heard the books are elusive when one is seeking for them, but since I wasn't particularly looking for anything, I stumbled upon some interesting things!

And so, I have been reading up on political concepts. Things like "democracy" - the rule of the people - "communism", or "absolutism". The spectrum that goes from extreme traditional to extreme liberal and everything in between. It's very interesting, I think. "Democracy" particularly so - no totalitarian government to make decisions over anyone's head, or do outright wrong without the people being able to defend themselves. Of course, the government is what shapes the rules of a state, but it is still made up by its people. Masses upon masses of people.

I may find myself delving into this a bit deeper, if I have the time.

Oh! I looked at maps, too. I saw some that had Japan in it, and they all looked similar, so I guess they must represent the world as it is at home. Japan is so small compared to the whole world. I wonder just how different all those other places look.

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Do you think a person can ever reach a point in life where they are all in all satisfied with the person they have become?

(OOC: Friends are anyone she's talked to more than once, basically. ♥ Except for obvious people. That, by the way, is my very favourite enemy - go and add him, if you haven't!)


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