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By Week 5, Day 3

  • The Hitomi has video, voice and text functions, all of which can be used at will. They are fairly easy to access.
  • It also has a map (called "ji-pi-esu" by others), which seems to be realistic and to-scale, and thus a good representation of one's actual location within Kannagara. It also includes a button with which to send one's "coordinates" to whomever one is speaking to.
  • It has a calendar. This calendar counts time in "weeks" that each have seven days.

  • Upon arrival, it took me roughly three days to get to Raisato. Afterward, any distance I walked did not take me longer than half an hour. It seems to work if you have an idea of where to go.
  • The world seems deserted, except for those that have been dragged there. Have not met a native yet. Most villages are made up of mainly empty houses, a lot of which seem like someone has been living there and left for a summer residence... or fled the place.
  • The towns I have been to all have had storehouses full of rice and other grains, despite few people being there to tend the fields. Other foods are harder to come by.

By Week 5, Day 6

  • Avoid Uchiha Madara, who was seen burning forests on Week 5, Day 3. Also be careful about contact with Hatake Kakashi and Umino Iruka. They are allies, but showing your alliance with them openly might give Uchiha Madara incentive for aggression.

By Week 12, Day 3

  • People who die can go home.
  • In fact, there exists a self both here and at home.

By Week 14, Day 4

  • The natives are subject to the wrath of the gods as well.
  • Paying tributes or praying will not spare you.
  • When the monsters come out to play, dreams get especially vehement. Connection? Probably.

    Post Nyarlathotep
    • So now we're here to be soldiers? Specifically for that purpose? And we can't go home unless we kill each other? This is absurd.

By Week 15, Day 2

  • Was that nearly a month of that, technically?
  • Trees marching and sweeping the oni away. Huh.
  • The sun didn't set on the last day of this madness.
  • Everything is as if it had never been touched -- except for the buildings. Guess that's a lot of work ahead of us. Is that supposed to be a sign? I still wonder what that really was all about? That guy who posted, who wasn't a god but something similar... he can't be right, now can he? Maybe the gods are just having a squabble. If I remember the tales correctly, that can have pretty devastating consequences for us mere mortals.
  • So now we have a newspaper -- and what a newspaper! More a paper of infamy and gossip. Specifically, it's speaking out hostility against us "visitors", who have come to Kannagara from outside. They think we're dragging them down. Well, the people here have been eyeing us kinda strangely, some of them, anyway, so I think this is just people voicing what they've been thinking for a while. Wonder if all of them think that. Wonder whether the nomads or the people in Yomisato think different.
  • Speaking of that, I guess I'll have to consider moving to Yomisato. That's kind of a drag, but what can you do.
  • No sign of Marco.
  • ... I wonder how bad the death tally was, anyway.

  • The Gods.
  • Oni.
  • Nekomata.
  • Hitotsume-kozō
  • ... a thing called "Mara".
  • Dragons (other than Iskierka). No idea if sentient.
  • Hork-Bajir and Taxxons, from Marco's homeworld.
  • Hollows.

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