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Player Information

Name: Val
Age: 24
AIM SN: Kikoujutsuka
email: yumejin[at]gmx[dot]net
Have you played in an LJ based game before? Yes, several. Polychromatic, Kannagara, briefly Paradisa, Amat Omnes and The Devils See
Currrently Played Characters: N/A

Character Information

Canon Source: Blade of the Immortal
Canon Format: Manga
Character's Name: Rin Asano
Character's Age: 17

What form will your character's NV take? An empty Japanese-type book.

Character's Canon Abilities: Rin has MANY SKILLS which include moefacing, sweet bingeing, projectile vomiting, facepunching, and crying at creative angles. Seriously, though, she's your average human girl, and not very good with a sword. She's nimble, though, and packs a punch. Mostly, however, it's her brains and daredevil-ish attitude that get her the furthest.
Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them? I'd like to give her control over fire!
Weapons: Ipetam, a short sword fashioned from a spearhead; a thin sword with hooks down both side; a handful of throwing knives; poison and antidote.

Character History: Once upon a time in Edo (modern Tōkyō), Japan, late 18th century...

Originally, Rin comes from a pretty well-established samurai family, her father having been the head of a sword school, the Muten-ichi-ryū. This comfortable life, however, ended on the night of her fourteenth birthday, when Anotsu Kagehisa and his gang, the Ittō-ryū, showed up at their doorstep and, after already having killed all students of the school, had her father killed and her mother brutally raped, all in Rin’s presence. The reason for this was an old feud between their grandfathers as well as Anotsu’s goal of reviving his idea of a true warrior’s spirit by forcefully taking over other dōjōs. Rin herself got away physically unharmed, but her psychological wounds were deep and she swore revenge on Anotsu Kagehisa.

Two years later, she meets an old nun who recommends her to hire Manji, an immortal rōnin, as a bodyguard, which Rin manages to do, after some initial troubles with Manji. From then on, the unlikely pair repeatedly runs into Ittō-ryū fighters, among them the man who killed Rin’s father, a young man named Magatsu Taito who’d been present at Rin’s unusual birthday party and carries a sword that belonged to Rin’s father, an immortal like Manji, a female sword fighter named Makie who is close to Anotsu, and the man who raped Rin’s mother. They kill all of them except for Magatsu, from whom they get the sword back, which will from now on be Rin’s weapon; and Makie, who would have killed Manji if not for Rin’s intervention.

After that, they get an offer from Mugai-ryū, a mysterious organization with ties to the government, for teamwork in finding Anotsu Kagehisa. They accept reluctantly and are told by the Mugai-ryū that Anotsu will be leaving Edo for the Kaga province soon - in the disguise of a woman, no less. Seeing as Anotsu, according to their information, is sending out several decoys as bait, the group splits up, hoping to catch the real deal that way. Rin is paired up with Shira, whose true nature she has to find out the hard way when he tortures the decoy troupe they’d been following and nearly rapes the woman who impersonates Anotsu. The woman is saved from that by the arrival of Manji, who cuts Shira’s arm off. All of them are discovered by passersby, at which point Shira flees.

Not much later, Rin decides to go to Kaga by herself, as Manji, being a wanted criminal, cannot leave Edo. On the way, she quickly finds out that she is wanted now, too - someone had reported her and Manji for the murder of two merchants, probably Shira. Subsequently, Rin pleads with a woman working at the inn they’d been staying at and gets herself a disguise. From then on, she begins the trip to Kaga. At the Kobotoke turnpike, she has to take the high risk of disguising herself as a local inn owner’s relative - as a wanted criminal, she can’t get a permission to pass the turnpike, and if she is found out, it will cost her her head. She manages to get through and continues on her journey, being robbed due to naivete in the process. Eventually, she makes it, but collapses in the forest, and is found by none other than Anotsu Kagehisa himself.

She decides to follow him and they spend a time traveling together, trying to escape Anotsu’s followers all the while, as he has been betrayed by the government and the sword school which he’d made a pact with. Rin is hoping to kill him while he’s asleep or otherwise off guard, but instead ends up carrying him around when he falls ill with tetanus. When caught by his followers, she surrenders, not wanting to be tortured for her enemy’s sake, and leads them to his hiding place. A grand showdown follows, including Manji, who’d followed Rin and finally caught up. It ends with Anotsu winning, his followers destroyed, and Rin giving him a promise that one day, she’ll come to kill him.

Back in Edo, life goes on peacefully until Manji has an interlude, first with Giichi, then with some Ittō-ryū, among them Magatsu. It ends well, though, with Manji, Giichi and Magatsu all alive.

After that, however, Manji is invited to the house of Habaki Kagimura, leader of the nigh disbanded Mugai-ryū and also the government official invested in the pursuit of Anotsu Kagehisa. He does not return from this visit, and Rin worries. She moves from the hut they’d been living in back to her home dōjō, thinking it will be safer there. The night she moves in, she gets a visit from two Ittō-ryū fighters, Dōa and Isaku, who’d been hoping for a place to spend the night. After a short scuffle, she grants them shelter, and they life at her place for a while. When they have a run-in with the police due to some trouble Dōa caused earlier, Isaku is taken away, too, and the girls team up to find their men.

In the end, it turns out both Manji and Isaku are being held prisoner beneath Edo Castle, where “experiments on immortality” are being held. A lot of people are convicted on feeble grounds at the same time and being used as test subjects as well.

After a lot of trials and tribulations, the girls succeed in breaking into the prison, flooding it and killing several guards in the process. They also manage to free the other men who were being held prisoner.

A short period of rest follows, in which Dōa and Isaku leave Edo, Dōa leaving Rin with an engagement dagger and her sword as keepsakes. Rin and Manji go back to a sort of peaceful lifestyle. Manji builds a new, shabby hut and spends his days fishing while Rin comes to live with Sōri, her father's good friend.

Soon, however, Manji is attacked by members of a new group in Habaki's service, the Rokki-dan, while Rin has an unexpected run-in with Anotsu, who chats her up quite cheerfully and tells her he's going south. Rin promises to follow him.

In the end, all relevant parties go on their way to Mito, via which the Ittō-ryū are said to go to Satsuma province. While traveling per palanquin, Rin is attacked and kidnapped by Shira, who then hangs her in a lake in the middle of winter where she almost dies. Manji fights for her, though, and they both are rescued by Meguro, Tanpopo and Magatsu. With their combined strengths, they can defeat Shira and Rin gets away with a case of frostbite. This does not deter her and she and Manji keep going on their path. In a small port town, they have a run-in with both Itto-ryu and Rokki-dan. Habaki orders both Rin and Manji executed and they have to fight one of his disciples.
Point in Canon: End of volume 28 (Japanese).
Conditional: Brief summary of previous RP history: N/A

Character Personality: At first glance, Rin is your typical teenage girl: caught in that eternally confusing state between childhood and adulthood, trying to make sense of her changing self and her changing perception of the world. Only with bonus murder and bloodshed.

Seeing as she was raised to pretty much be a housewife, one thing is clear from the start, and that is that she's in way over her head with her high-minded plans for blood vengeance. She's not one to give up, though, for if there's one thing she's got going for her, it's a single-minded determination the likes of which you don't see that often. It plays in tandem with an obsessive focus on her goal. Basically, if she really wants something, she will find a way.

If that something includes "protect loved one from grave peril", her otherwise strict sense of morality can loosen up quite a bit. She is usually very pacifistic and doesn't condone hurting other people, but if you hurt her first, she will show no mercy. And if it's something very important to her and you just happen to be in the way? She won't shed too many tears for you.

Which is saying something, because Rin is nothing if not emotional and huge with the waterworks. In fact, she starts out as a bit of a crybaby; often crying when remembering her trauma or even when something just doesn't work the way she wants it to. That has abated a bit, but she is still extremely sensitive all over -- bloodshed and body horror will make her sick, as will great heights. She is also deeply empathetic and has something of a knack for finding out what makes people tick; nor does she shy back from using such knowledge to her advantage, if she can find a good enough reason. She does hold herself to high standards as well, which can result in low self-esteem and guilt-trippings. However, she is just selfish enough to sometimes let things play out in her favor.

All of this is influenced by her intelligence, which manifests in multiple ways. For one, she is clever and open to unconventional ways of thinking; one example would be the pellets of poison and antidote she carries in her hair rings. Her mind is always active, always doing a running commentary and trying to process and figure things out. She investigates and makes plans and makes things up on the spot and is pretty much never resting. All of this, though, is a bit hampered by her impulsiveness and quick temper. She'll run straight into a situation head forward and only then find out she's out of her depth. That's okay, though; she's about equally good at getting into trouble and getting back out of it.

Then, she also has a complex world view. She's willing to look beyond her own perspective and consider that of someone else, and willing to revise her opinion on someone or give them the benefit of the doubt. Which sometimes comes back to bite her in the ass, if she prioritizes giving someone a chance over listening to her gut feeling (as is the case with Shira). This also means she doesn't care that much about your affiliation as long as you turn out to be a decent person. And finally, it means she's ready to question the authorities and the status quo if she sees something going wrong.

Though Rin is often afraid of very many things (because she knows she has ample reason to) and has many insecurities, she generally perseveres to work on herself and get past these feelings.

She's also often silly and a bit of a smartass and has a sweet tooth a mile wide.

Conditional: Personality development in previous game: N/A
Character Plans: I don't have a particular plan yet, I'll go with the flow and see how it goes. One thing that caught my eye though were the different factions and that they can plot without anyone else seeing. Seeing as Rin is a PLANNER always and forever, this could be fun to play with. I'm also interested in the horror&survival aspects of the game and excited to develop Rin's new superpower.

Appearance/PB: She's a tiny, skinny Japanese girl with long black hair in a fringe, worn in two braids with a heavy ring in each. Her usual attire is a red kimono with a flame pattern and a bright yellow obi. She has a round face and big brown eyes. There's a long scar going down her abdomen.

Small selection of the Many Faces of Rin.

Writing Samples

First Person Sample


[There's a young female voice on this end, very hesitant and insecure at the moment.]

Ah... hello? Is anybody there? Can anyone hear me?

I'm sorry, but... well, I do feel kind of silly talking to an empty book.

-- I mean, I appear to be new here... yes, clearly new here and the thing is, I don't know quite how I got here. I've never been to a place like this and know none that looks even remotely like it.

Is this Europe? Did I get knocked out and dragged to Europe? Must've been some hit.

... I don't feel any bumps on my head...

A-anyway! If you could help me, I'd be so very grateful! Thanks and bye!

Third Person Sample

The world lurches.

Just a moment ago, what she knew was that her number had probably been drawn. Confronted by Habaki and openly sentenced to death , she knows she's run out of luck. (Though really, how official is his word nowadays? She feels he really just wants her dead because he's on a bitter rampage and has nothing to lose. ) Of course, there's a chance she might make it out alive yet, but she's not counting on it. And she doesn't want to think about the alternative.

Doesn't want to think about Manji dying.

(because without Manji, what does she have to live for)

(she has revenge)

(but that is so)


(three years ago she carved her heart into a hollow space and filled hatred inside)

(and then Manji came and let love back in)

And now, what she knows is nothing at all. Feels as if pulled by a strong current, or maybe the opposite of wind, feels herself tossed and tumbled about. Not just her body, her essence. Whatever that may be. What is sure is that nothing is sure, that her whole world consists of dizziness and nausea and has neither direction nor solid ground.

Except then it does.

She's still reeling from the pull and falls to the new soil under her feet as if forcibly pushed there. There's barely time to take a breath when bile forces its way up her throat and she empties the sparse contents of her stomach onto the -- grass.

That is the first coherent thought she can grasp and for some reason, she is slightly comforted by it. Until it dawns on her that there isn't any snow and it's warmer.

For several long moments, all she can do is brace herself tightly on the ground, fingers burrowed into grass and earth. Her own breathing is deafening in her ears, in concert with her heart's staccato beat. She stares numbly onto her dirtied hands, mind too blank with panic to be put off by the sight of bile next to her.

She's never been this scared.

But somehow, that thought saves her. As if putting a name on the thing makes it familiar and manageable. She closes her eyes, takes a deep, steadying breath, and looks up.

Around her is an unkempt lawn, surrounded by grey blocks that have to be houses. She can vaguely make out strange markings on the ground, as well as some sort of fence and mysterious props. There's writing on some of the walls; she'll have to get closer to read it.

For now, all she knows is one thing: something is very wrong here.
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