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[A small cell with a signifantly smaller window which only lets in spare light. Huddled in a showdy corner beneath said window is Rin, breathing heavily and irregularly, eyes diluted.]

... hnngh. I get it.

[Her voice is quiet and a little shaky at the beginning, but then becomes steady as her breathing calms down.]

You won't let me out of here, right? Not before I do what you want, before I say the words you want, before...

Well. I plead guilty, I do. I can say that. There's... [She has her eyes downcast.]

... there's blood on my hands, no denying that.

However. Half those cases turned out to be something of self-defense, and Renzō...

If Renzō wants to judge me for what I did, that's his due right. I'll grant that to him... and him only.

I am not going to give up myself or my freedom to anyone else for this.

[Now, she's looking directly at the camera. There's a flicker in her eyes that says she's noticed that it's recording.]

Because there are things that are more important to me.

(OOC: Been psychologically bombarded with an ever-rewinding replay of Anotsu telling her he's doing it all for grandpa, with the occasional memory of mommy dearest thrown in for good measure. \o/ Will escape later on today.)


May. 13th, 2009 07:04 pm
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So Adrastus went back to his mother. Hmmm.

I know I've been absent the last days. I've been thinking. In retrospect, it probably wasn't the best of times. Stupid. Had I been more diligent, I could've seen more of Adrastus' messages. What little I've grasped sort of makes sense in conjunction with the appearance of his mother: "the womb is quick", "hear the beat", "it weeps", "her teeth". What's the "beat", though? If it were to be the ticking... there's a piece missing there, or several. But that would have been absurdly easy.

I'll just keep it in mind and see if it's information that will be useful someday. As long as the situation has returned to what goes for "normal" here, things are quite alright after all.

In the meantime, a conclusion at least: I won't be leading a half-assed life here any longer. If I'm here to stay, that would not be a good way to live. I won't be as brash as I've been just recently, that was - that was just reckless.

Maybe "living my life fully" also means realizing this - where my boundaries are. That's what it all comes back to - boundaries. Things that can be done and things that can't, and those it would make sense to strive toward. Or those places where you have to say: it's enough. Here is where it stops.

... a day in honor of mothers. I like that.

(OOC: Rin has been slinking about the City being not terribly subtle, looking for some clues, but will not talk about it unless asked.)


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