Nov. 27th, 2009 06:18 pm
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I've had a few days to think, and here I am with my network device again.

I feel like I should say something. Suppose I should make a statement. But then, I've hardly been on the receiving end of reproach; I'm a little surprised. Not that I'm mad for punishment, but I certainly would have understood. Too well.

Because I've been impatient and selfish.

Nothing to be done about that now, of course. I'm just thinking - maybe it counts for something that I said it. It's not an excuse, and it also doesn't mean I'll quietly await whatever punishment one may see fit to bestow upon me - I've got things to do and things to live for and I'm not giving it up and away, sorry.

If... if someone died because of me... that was the one thing I wasn't thinking of. Ah, well.

Neither can I say I'm sorry to have gained what I did.

And then... what else I wanted to say: I'm actually sort of glad to be back. To see you all again.

(OOC: And that is that. As for HMD, my thread can be found here!)
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[The video flickers on to show one Rin lying on her futon, with her sleeping yukata a little disheveled and sliding down her shoulders.

But what is this! Lying next to her is one Setsuna F. Seiei in an equally unkempt state, with chocolate smudges on his face.

Slowly, Rin stirs. She props herself up on one arm, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes with the other hand.

Then, her eyes widen, almost to the point where you might think they're going to pop out of her head soon, and scrambles to sit up.]

... hnngh!

[She only makes that strangled noise, memories from the previous day flooding her, unsure what would be worse: not apologizing profusely right now or waking Setsuna up. And so she sits there, aghast and a little helpless.]


Aug. 29th, 2009 01:30 pm
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Okay, so we have mountains. I'm... really not surprised anymore. Oh, I wasn't expecting the earthquake at all when it came, but then I just got my sword, said "okay, time to prepare for trouble" and ducked under a table until it was over.

Luckily, no monsters so far. Let's see how long that holds.

Wonder if going to explore there would be a wise idea... anyone been there already?

(OOC: Around for the weekend once more! Seems like this will be a regular thing now. \o/ My HMD comment is here, if anyone... wants to look. Idek. EDIT: GONE AGAIN.)
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Ah, oh my! So I was finally affected by the child curse. What an embarassment. Here, an obligatory but no less heart-felt apology as well as a big thank you for everyone who had to put up with my younger self. I guess I was a bit of a spoiled brat.

Particular thanks to Kurosu-san and to Youko, for watching us me the whole time.

And then haha, do say... have any of you ever noticed a tendency in the way the City affects you to... rub salt in certain wounds? Repeatedly, like it wants to make a point about it?

I'm sorry if that question is too personal. No one should by any means feel obligated to answer it, or even answer in detail.

[private to Umi || unhackable]

Are you better?

[private to Anotsu || UNHACKABLE]

I'm taking the pinwheel back.


Jun. 28th, 2009 06:29 pm
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And another curse I feel the need to profusely apologize for. But, capturing people in little balls about 1/20 the size of a human? Really? Really? I guess now I've really seen everything - not that the City won't take the next opportunity to make me go back on this statement, I'm sure. And then those ridiculous catchphrases... err, Hiiragi-san, I assure I'm not usually... quite... like... that. Just so we've got this clear.

But no permanent harm done, right? I hope?

In other news, I'm going to be watching the second movie of my life later today. I'm looking forward to it.


Jun. 22nd, 2009 11:54 pm
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So that was Father's Day according the the City, huh? For the record, I liked it. I liked it a lot. I spent the day with my father, and I had so much to tell him and to explain! What's been going on in the last three years, and then how this City works. And, most importantly, I got to say goodbye to him. Even if he wasn't real -- I want to believe he was. Umi-chan is right: for this, I thank you, City.

Now, can we have the same thing for next Mother's Day? I'd even be willing to stick around until then, if that were the case.

... I probably shouldn't be saying this, knowing how many people were visited by bad fathers yesterday, huh? Ah, well. Not like I'm getting my hopes up. That would be foolish.

Back to everyday City routine, it is!


Jun. 14th, 2009 06:54 pm
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So, uhm, yesterday... what exactly happened yesterday? My memory's kind of really fuzzy. It feels sort of like a really weird dream... I think my body wasn't my own.
... it's that weekend again, isn't it? Yeah, how high are chances that I was cursed yesterday? Uhm. I'm sorry for anyone I may have inconvenienced. I've got an odd feeling I did.


Okay, uhm. I just went back through my journal. I'm so very, deeply sorry, Miss Shahrhazad! You were right, of course, and I was cursed. But, for some reason, I'm pretty sure I had the intention... well, to kill you, and that warrants an apology under any circumstances. If there's anything I can do, please tell me.

I wonder how I got hold of that poster, though. Did I make it myself or did the curse provide even that?

Curses like this are a little disturbing. I seemed pretty sure of who I was, yesterday... that makes the whole difference between reality and illusion a little blurry. And yet here I am, absolutely sure that I am Asano Rin, a girl from Edo who ended up in a very strange City by means she never even thought possible!

This is crazy. This place is completely crazy. Yeah, nothing new, I know. It's just that I feel compelled to make note of it again and again and again.

I'm getting restless, again.


Mar. 23rd, 2009 06:34 pm
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So, uhm, I'm sorry for my behaviour... three days ago. I was a little very know-it-all. But... I wasn't too bad, right? Anyway, if you still have answers for my questions, I'd still like to hear them!

And congratulations to Nakamura-san for your election to Warden! I think you'll do the job well, from what you've told me. Sorry to Seiei-san for not going and talking to you! But well, I've been a little busy these last few days.

Speaking of it, Manji is here! Ah, I probably shouldn't gush too much about it, or he'll berate me for it! But I'm really happy. Not even the curses can get me down now.

(OOC: ... and here, look, I forgot the OOC note: that Rin has moved out of Ze Apartment into a place of her own with Manji.)


Mar. 13th, 2009 11:52 pm
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In all the time I've been here, yesterday's curse was maybe the most awful thing that has happened yet. Being married to one's worst enemy is one thing, but that innocents, children as adults, have to know death for a day? That's a gross injustice. Now, we can be glad that it was only a day, certainly - but can you measure death? Isn't a day enough, or rather, isn't a day too much? This isn't something that should happen at all, and it's appalling that it does and is to be expected here.

When I went to Huey-kun's today, I saw words scribbled on the walls near aparment building number one. Two sentences: one was written neatly, like a small work of art, almost, and said "Down with the establishment!". The most curious thing about this would perhaps be that it was written in the Japanese spelling of my time. The other was all but smuddled there and I half had to guess what it said, but it was this: "Fuck you, deities". Looks like some rebellious spirits have been stirred by these curses. It would be a wonder if not. Still, the question is what this would accomplish - probably a punishment for the perpetrator, should the deities be especially miffed by having their walls painted on.

Well! This reminds me - Honda Tohru-san and I have talked, and we thought it might be a good idea to have a party. A feel-good party for everyone who wants a little cheer-up after a curse like this. What does everyone think?

(OOC: Plot is a go! Also, heads up that I might end up backdating a bit, as I will be away over the weekend!)


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