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Timeline: Kansei 4th year; yin water rat (癸子) year. 1792 in Gregorian calendar.

Events: Kansei Reforms, devised and put into action by Matsudaira Sadanobu, the regent-in-place and chief councilor of Tokugawa Ienari. Economic revisions, failed attempts to impose strict moral rules on the populace, supervision on the Confucian school of Edo. Largely in reaction to the bad economy of earlier years.

The price of rice is unstable in these years, as is the relation of silver to gold currency. Other prices fluctuate, such as that of cotton fiber. Inflation was generally a problem, also in copper coins. There were also considerable regional differences; such as between Edo and Ōsaka. The low price of rice presented a problem for many samurai, who received their salary in rice; especially as other goods had a relatively high price level.

Sources: --
SORANAKA, Isao (1978): The Kansei Reforms - Success or Failure? In: Monumenta Nipponica 33, 2, p. 151-164.
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Sep. 11th, 2012 09:27 pm
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"Hello. You have reached the magical notebook of Asano Rin. You can leave me a message if you want, and I can listen to it later! So I'll get back to you! Have a nice day."
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Sooo being very involved with pretending to be Rin on LJ for the sake of pretendy funtimes, I often engage in thinkythoughts about her character and her place in the overall narrative of Blade of the Immortal. And recently, I had a bit of a lightbulb moment concerning that, which I am now going to share with you! Yay!

Thus here it is: an essay investigating Rin's character arc as a coming-of-age story.

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[It is morning in Poly, and it could be such nice one, too -- but too bad, Citizens, if you are looking at the network today, what you are greeted with is a PIERCING SCREAM. That, followed by scrambling, heavy breathing, and very quiet whining noises. All to the very exciting visual aid of a white ceiling.

Then some more scrambling, and finally, you see a face.

A very boyish face, and quite overflowing with terror. Until suddenly, the brows slant down hard in some serious righteously offended anger.]

Okay, will someone explain to me what is going on here?

[It is odd, this sentence. Because inflection and intonation do not seem to quite go with the male face, and the sound of it is crackling, unsure, as if the user was not accustomed to it. (Spoiler: she really, really isn't.)]

I mean -- curse, right? WHY is there a curse like this?

[Here, have a hearty facepalm.]

I just... is there some kind of lesson to be gained from this, or do the deities just have a really tw-- [wait, "twisted" isn't even a question here] -- random sense of humor?

[A pause as she looks at the communicator pensively.]

Doubt anyone has better answers, on second thought, but... I'm sending it. Someone talk to me. Someone tell me I'm not alone here with this.

[And sent, it is.]

(OOC: SUDDENLY SASUKE. Go forth and have fun.)
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Threadhopping: Sure!
Injuring my character: After discussion of it, sure.
Killing my character: Not at present, but you can talk to me / I may consider it if it comes up.
Using telepathy on my character: Discussion first, but principally yes!

Things you'd like to explore: Teenage experimentation, awkward sex, funny sex, faily sex, frottage, mutual masturbation, BDSM, dominance play... when in doubt, ask!
Things you do not want/are not comfortable with: Bathroom stuff, vore, non-con etc.
Anything in between that you feel needs mentioning: Not so far?
Feelings on fade to black: Extremely okay with me. In fact, I may well wish to opt for this a lot of the time.
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Warning: This post treats the curse's subject in a half-serious manner. Parents are mentioned. Be careful if that squicks you!

[Leaving the house today may just be the worst idea Rin has ever had. But she's running out of rice, and you can't ever not have rice. As far as she's concerned. So even if the very new notion that the people all around her are looking quite... tasty today is making her sick through and through, she has to brave it. If she wants to have any hope of just stuffing herself full with the newly bought, fresh rice (think of the fragrant, white rice!) and -- not meat, vegetables, and tofu, that is filling and delicious -- then there is hardly a choice.

Thus today finds her walking down the street quite immersed in trying not to look too long at anyone, and to think of how awesome rice and tofu are, and to think many, many distracting thoughts. Which means that no, she is not at all looking where she's going. Hear, she's even humming a little song, which the device just so happens to record.]

Rain's falling, rain's falling,
mother's coming--

[No, not that one. Mother and today -- for a moment, she stands still with her hand pressed to her mouth to keep the bile down.

Nothing about people, then. What else -- flowers. Flowers are always good. Never mind how the heads they often often adorn look that much -- NO.]

Spring has come, spring has come, where has spring come?
It's come to the mountain, the village, the fields.

Flowers are blooming...

[And a click off.]
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Wow, it's crowded today! It's a "visitor's day", huh? Wonder if anyone... [a bit louder] is anyone I know out there? From home, I mean? Even someone who's usually here? Haven't even looked...

Say, all these curses lately... does that give about a good idea of what it's always like?

Oh, and also! I, ah, probably need a job. [Don't ask how she's been eating up to now.] I have mainly housekeeping skills to offer, but I'm adaptable! I could also help carry things or sell things or be a waitress or something, I think. If I were explained the job a little. I'd be glad if anyone would be so kind as to consider me for a position! Thank you inadvance.

(OOC: Have at her! Anything goes!)
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[This here is a view of the sky. That's right. The sky. And that alone may perhaps already tell you a lot about the situation: that the device is left unattended on the concrete floors of the City and its owner not aware of its presence.

Fortunately, there is not just the picture going on here, but also sound -- however faint. There's the shuffling of feet, evidently clad in something rough (straw sandals, as it were); there's the faint clack of wood against a hard surface. And there's the voice of a girl, murmuring to herself.]

You've really outdone yourself now, Rin...

[She's sounding a bit overwhelmed altogether. And very disbelieving.]

Must be a dream. Right? Must be. No way this is real.

[Finally, the sound of skin smacking on skin: an enthusiastic facepalm.]

Wake up already. You've got a banished guy to track. Last chance you've got. Get a grip!

[A pause in which you hear nothing but the sounds of the City going its usual ways. Then a good bit of shuffling and fabric-rustling, and then there is part an actual face to be seen on the video.]

Oh, what's that?

[Hi there, fingers way too up close.

At last, a click and the feed cuts off.]
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deep care
friendly acquaintance
neutral acquaintance
unsure / just met / need to yet get a better picture of you
negative impression
active dislike
sure do hate your guts

fun to be around
generally interesting

safe haven
mostly harmless

'tis complicated

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Table from here.
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Asano Rin
Blade of the Immortal
Volume 24, chapter 162 (Japanese)
4th Walling: For now, you may use the information your 4th walling character has for lulz, but please don't tell her she's fictional.
Val ☓ 23
Kikoujutsuka [AIM]

This app contains SPOILERS throughout the whole series.

The devils see a Rin. )


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