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[Her feet make a quiet sound as she walks down the hall to Manji's room. She knocks on the door twice, then opens it and starts talking.]

Manji, how about we -- ... ?

[The door gives way to an empty room, and Rin pauses in her tracks.]


... MANJI?!

[Another sweeping glance at the room, then she turns around and walks to the kitchen and living room. No trace of Manj here, either. She stands, one finger near her mouth and her brow creased in thought.]

No note, no nothing? He would've told me if he'd gone out, and I would've heard him leaving his room anyway; and I would've noticed if...

[Her eyes widen, and hastily, she turns around again - searches all rooms and comes up empty; lastly goes back to Manji's room. She opens the window and inspects the surroundings for signs of a fight - but they are as they ever were. Propped up on the windowsill, Rin whispers to herself, the shock of realization creeping onto her face.]

No... No! This... can't be happening... right? Right?

[A quiver catches her lip, but she holds it, keeps herself together, and pushes her body away fromt he window with a vengeance, runs a few steps - and stops, closing the window. She tries to walk to the living room calmly, but her legs betray her, and she can barely sit down to scribble a note, then hurries to the front door, donning her straw sandals. Finally, she opens the door, steps through, and slams it.]

(OOC: Hubby left :(. Cue a few days of moping. Action if you want to come across her in the street.)


Mar. 23rd, 2009 06:34 pm
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So, uhm, I'm sorry for my behaviour... three days ago. I was a little very know-it-all. But... I wasn't too bad, right? Anyway, if you still have answers for my questions, I'd still like to hear them!

And congratulations to Nakamura-san for your election to Warden! I think you'll do the job well, from what you've told me. Sorry to Seiei-san for not going and talking to you! But well, I've been a little busy these last few days.

Speaking of it, Manji is here! Ah, I probably shouldn't gush too much about it, or he'll berate me for it! But I'm really happy. Not even the curses can get me down now.

(OOC: ... and here, look, I forgot the OOC note: that Rin has moved out of Ze Apartment into a place of her own with Manji.)
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Yesterday's curse was interesting, I think - a lot of different worlds and concepts to read about. It gives one a greater idea about the broad range of people and cultures this City is made up of, and that's a most fascinating thing. Still, the fact remains is that most people were forced by the curse.

It put me in mind of my own home - more than usually, I mean. I think about it everyday, anyway. Can't not.

It also made me aware that I've been here for over a month. That's twice as long as he's been in that prison. This isn't right. I can't just - Riou-san, when's that group attempt you spoke of?

However, this being the second curse that makes us speak of our home or aspects thereof in a month, it begs the question why this is happening. One would think that if the City wants to keep us here, it would not actively keep our memories so fresh. Yet, of course, I've read of the theory that as long as one wants to go home, they will stay.

... wasn't there also a theory that the City feeds off of misery? That makes it sound oddly like a living thing.

Then, those damned decrees. Now they want us to make someone cry. I've about had it with this!

[Long-suffering sigh.]

Well, not much choice if we want to keep our deities happy, right? And, hehe, no one said we can't get a little creative with this, sooo...


Tomorrow's. Dinner. Will involve ONIONS.

If you catch my drift. Ryōga-san can come, too.

[filtered from known deities (Mouse, Sabine, Virginia) || hackable]

There's something I've been wondering about... does anyone know something specific about the Deity Office?

And what about their "superiors"?

(OOC: Interrupting the hiatus to get all srs bsns. What.)


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