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[This here is a view of the sky. That's right. The sky. And that alone may perhaps already tell you a lot about the situation: that the device is left unattended on the concrete floors of the City and its owner not aware of its presence.

Fortunately, there is not just the picture going on here, but also sound -- however faint. There's the shuffling of feet, evidently clad in something rough (straw sandals, as it were); there's the faint clack of wood against a hard surface. And there's the voice of a girl, murmuring to herself.]

You've really outdone yourself now, Rin...

[She's sounding a bit overwhelmed altogether. And very disbelieving.]

Must be a dream. Right? Must be. No way this is real.

[Finally, the sound of skin smacking on skin: an enthusiastic facepalm.]

Wake up already. You've got a banished guy to track. Last chance you've got. Get a grip!

[A pause in which you hear nothing but the sounds of the City going its usual ways. Then a good bit of shuffling and fabric-rustling, and then there is part an actual face to be seen on the video.]

Oh, what's that?

[Hi there, fingers way too up close.

At last, a click and the feed cuts off.]


Jun. 7th, 2009 12:04 am
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So the meteor shower went by without trouble. A good thing, at least! At first, it was really nice to look at, but it got a little spooky later on. Makes you wonder... is this all a deliberate ploy of the same instance that determines the curses? Was it a curse? Or is it just part of how this place works, like any other place, too... okay, and then there's the question if even other places just work, or if everything that happens is determined by the gods and the spirits or a bodiless cosmic entity or something. Wow, now I'm starting to wax poetic.

Maybe this place really isn't so strange, and it's just the details that are different. But it's the details that matter.

I may have chosen an inconvenient time for my party, seeing as, yes, there is a curse day today. But it doesn't seem to be one of those that affect people differently, so, assuming that it'll last only one day, tomorrow should be fine. I'm sorry, everyone. I wasn't really thinking about this possibility. And... I don't want to leave anyone out because of this.

That said, this is just... what. Did it have to be some kind of horror story setup? I think I'm just... gonna spend this one inside.

(OOC: ... I. I'm really sorry for the poor planning on my part! ^^; I personally did not consider the curse, and Rin certainly couldn't have known ICly. Also I'm just... going to assume it's been recognizable on the network up to now. |D;; But tomorrow is definitely party time!)


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