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[It is morning in Poly, and it could be such nice one, too -- but too bad, Citizens, if you are looking at the network today, what you are greeted with is a PIERCING SCREAM. That, followed by scrambling, heavy breathing, and very quiet whining noises. All to the very exciting visual aid of a white ceiling.

Then some more scrambling, and finally, you see a face.

A very boyish face, and quite overflowing with terror. Until suddenly, the brows slant down hard in some serious righteously offended anger.]

Okay, will someone explain to me what is going on here?

[It is odd, this sentence. Because inflection and intonation do not seem to quite go with the male face, and the sound of it is crackling, unsure, as if the user was not accustomed to it. (Spoiler: she really, really isn't.)]

I mean -- curse, right? WHY is there a curse like this?

[Here, have a hearty facepalm.]

I just... is there some kind of lesson to be gained from this, or do the deities just have a really tw-- [wait, "twisted" isn't even a question here] -- random sense of humor?

[A pause as she looks at the communicator pensively.]

Doubt anyone has better answers, on second thought, but... I'm sending it. Someone talk to me. Someone tell me I'm not alone here with this.

[And sent, it is.]

(OOC: SUDDENLY SASUKE. Go forth and have fun.)
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[By the magic of the City, a little girl of maybe six years appears on Misery Square. She's just walking cheerfully, her reaction to the new situation delayed. But then it registers, and she stops and blinks.]

-- hm?

[Her eyes dart around, and then they light up in recognition.]

Uwaaah! It's the weird city again!

[For a few moments, she's just standing there gaping. Then, she notices that something's stuck in her obi. A communication device! Excited, she plucks it out and holds it in front of her face with both hands.]

Hello, box! Hellooooooo!

(OOC: The return of Babyrin! Taken from soon after the last time, but not from a specific canon scene. Have at her. Oh, and network replies are assumed voice.)
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[A harsh, sandy kind of sound - that of a rough brush being continuously scrubbed against a surface; muttering in-between. There is a clearly annoyed edge to it.]

Chores, chores - nothing but chores! Geez, why is it always ME? This household is seriously no different than a freakin' pack of wolves --

[The scrubbing is interrupted and a light gasp does a poor job of filling the silence.]

Hey! Hey, Rip! You could do something, too, you know!

(OOC: Family day. Rip van Winkle is the big sister, Integra Hellsing the evil stepmother. ... yes.)
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Ah, oh my! So I was finally affected by the child curse. What an embarassment. Here, an obligatory but no less heart-felt apology as well as a big thank you for everyone who had to put up with my younger self. I guess I was a bit of a spoiled brat.

Particular thanks to Kurosu-san and to Youko, for watching us me the whole time.

And then haha, do say... have any of you ever noticed a tendency in the way the City affects you to... rub salt in certain wounds? Repeatedly, like it wants to make a point about it?

I'm sorry if that question is too personal. No one should by any means feel obligated to answer it, or even answer in detail.

[private to Umi || unhackable]

Are you better?

[private to Anotsu || UNHACKABLE]

I'm taking the pinwheel back.
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[In your square, there is a little girl in a pink kimono. She is smiling as she speaks, and the mirth in her voice is clearly audible.]

That none of us get burned by sparks!

[But then she looks around herself and realizes... that something is amiss.]


... mommy?

[Her face and voice both carry the sheer puzzlement. She is too confused to even be properly shocked.]



Daddy? Grandpa?

(OOC: Upping your kid quota with the Age Reversal curse. Taken quite directly from this scene and about six years old.)


Jun. 14th, 2009 06:54 pm
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So, uhm, yesterday... what exactly happened yesterday? My memory's kind of really fuzzy. It feels sort of like a really weird dream... I think my body wasn't my own.
... it's that weekend again, isn't it? Yeah, how high are chances that I was cursed yesterday? Uhm. I'm sorry for anyone I may have inconvenienced. I've got an odd feeling I did.


Okay, uhm. I just went back through my journal. I'm so very, deeply sorry, Miss Shahrhazad! You were right, of course, and I was cursed. But, for some reason, I'm pretty sure I had the intention... well, to kill you, and that warrants an apology under any circumstances. If there's anything I can do, please tell me.

I wonder how I got hold of that poster, though. Did I make it myself or did the curse provide even that?

Curses like this are a little disturbing. I seemed pretty sure of who I was, yesterday... that makes the whole difference between reality and illusion a little blurry. And yet here I am, absolutely sure that I am Asano Rin, a girl from Edo who ended up in a very strange City by means she never even thought possible!

This is crazy. This place is completely crazy. Yeah, nothing new, I know. It's just that I feel compelled to make note of it again and again and again.

I'm getting restless, again.
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Hah, no one ever told me the West District was this pretty. Really, if they can make one part of town like this, they might as well do it for the rest, too! Sometimes I don't know what those guys at the Factory are thinking. ... wait, I do know. Never mind that.

[Clears throat.]

Anyway, this is Asano Rin, Hunter Warrior, and I'm here on the job. More precisely, has anyone seen this woman?

[The screen shows the following picture.]

Any help would be appreciated.

On a side note, for all the candy stores this area seems to have, there's a surprising lack of, you know... actual candy. Or am I just going the wrong way about it?

(OOC: So... because I said I'd do it, here is your cyborg!Rin. Looks something like this s-stfu. Will not recognize anyone from the City except Shahr and Anotsu, both of whom she has every intention to keel ded, sob.)
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Es scheint so, als sei es heute dasselbe wie gestern - wieder ein verfluchter Tag, und wieder verschiedene Flüche für jeden. Weiß irgendjemand zufällig, ob so etwas schon einmal vorgekommen ist, und wenn ja, wie lange das gedauert hat? Nicht, dass ich speziell Grund hätte, mich zu beschweren, aber... diese Flüche sind so oder so ziemlich nervig.

Hmm... irgendwie habe ich ein seltsames Gefühl. Etwas ist heute anders. Es liegt mir auf der Zunge, aber --

Mir kommt es vor, als kämen mir heute komplett fremde Wörter aus dem Mund. Aber ich rede doch wie i-- hah?

... sieht so aus, als hätte es mich erwischt. Guuuhh...

[text || transcription]

It seems, as if it is more cursed today the same like yesterday - day, and again different curses for everyone. Does somebody know coincidentally whether such a thing already once occurred, and if, how long that lasted? Not that I would have particularly reason to weight me but… these curses are either way rather nervig.

Hmm… somehow I have a strange feeling. Something is today different. It is appropriate for me on the tongue, but --

It seems to me, as if me today completely stranger words would come from the mouth. But I talk nevertheless like i-- hah?

… looks in such a way, as if it would have gotten me. Guuuhh…

(OOC: And today, we are Lost In Translation. Yeeep, that is some babelfish at work there.)


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