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Warning: This post treats the curse's subject in a half-serious manner. Parents are mentioned. Be careful if that squicks you!

[Leaving the house today may just be the worst idea Rin has ever had. But she's running out of rice, and you can't ever not have rice. As far as she's concerned. So even if the very new notion that the people all around her are looking quite... tasty today is making her sick through and through, she has to brave it. If she wants to have any hope of just stuffing herself full with the newly bought, fresh rice (think of the fragrant, white rice!) and -- not meat, vegetables, and tofu, that is filling and delicious -- then there is hardly a choice.

Thus today finds her walking down the street quite immersed in trying not to look too long at anyone, and to think of how awesome rice and tofu are, and to think many, many distracting thoughts. Which means that no, she is not at all looking where she's going. Hear, she's even humming a little song, which the device just so happens to record.]

Rain's falling, rain's falling,
mother's coming--

[No, not that one. Mother and today -- for a moment, she stands still with her hand pressed to her mouth to keep the bile down.

Nothing about people, then. What else -- flowers. Flowers are always good. Never mind how the heads they often often adorn look that much -- NO.]

Spring has come, spring has come, where has spring come?
It's come to the mountain, the village, the fields.

Flowers are blooming...

[And a click off.]
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[This here is a view of the sky. That's right. The sky. And that alone may perhaps already tell you a lot about the situation: that the device is left unattended on the concrete floors of the City and its owner not aware of its presence.

Fortunately, there is not just the picture going on here, but also sound -- however faint. There's the shuffling of feet, evidently clad in something rough (straw sandals, as it were); there's the faint clack of wood against a hard surface. And there's the voice of a girl, murmuring to herself.]

You've really outdone yourself now, Rin...

[She's sounding a bit overwhelmed altogether. And very disbelieving.]

Must be a dream. Right? Must be. No way this is real.

[Finally, the sound of skin smacking on skin: an enthusiastic facepalm.]

Wake up already. You've got a banished guy to track. Last chance you've got. Get a grip!

[A pause in which you hear nothing but the sounds of the City going its usual ways. Then a good bit of shuffling and fabric-rustling, and then there is part an actual face to be seen on the video.]

Oh, what's that?

[Hi there, fingers way too up close.

At last, a click and the feed cuts off.]
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At first, all you see is darkness, and the darkness is total. Not a thing discernible - except for sounds. Wet sounds, like water dripping somewhere far away, and sounds of breathing, not loud, but clearly audible. Rin, she tries to move in this darkness and kicks a few pebbles loose.

A feeling of danger reigns over the room - and it is somewhere inside something, judging by the sounds and the odd feeling of walls closing in on you.

Then, kaboom! Light literally explodes into the room, and in plain view to the front is a cavern tapering to a tunnel, and in that tunnel, doors start opening. One following swiftly after another, there are also creatures coming out from behind those doors. They look like large, humanoid otters, their faces a mere caricature of an animal.

They start moving, back to where Rin is standing.

(OOC: Inspired by this mess (spoilers).)


Dec. 6th, 2009 10:43 pm
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[text || private to Youko]

Youko... I don't know if they came for you, too... but in any case, I feel the need to tell you.

You're the person I cursed.


[switch to video]

[The feed is sweeping over a view of the... thin air as Rin's voice talks, off-screen.]

Curiosity got the better of me, after all. Had to see what this barrier is like. Still not actually visible, except for the rips. ... I'd have to get closer to see them clearly.

... wait, this thing isn't even --

[The camera is shaken a little, but then it sinks down to give way to a view of the ground. There's sand and some weeds there, in case one might be interested.]

No way.

Okay, Rin, this is the time when you get the hell out of here.

Message to the Curse Brigade: Having now laid eyes on the matter myself... well, there's no way this is for real.

(OOC: Seeing creepily surreal visions of pinwheels and finding it all very suspicious. Action for anyone who... might be there.)
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[The video flickers on to show one Rin lying on her futon, with her sleeping yukata a little disheveled and sliding down her shoulders.

But what is this! Lying next to her is one Setsuna F. Seiei in an equally unkempt state, with chocolate smudges on his face.

Slowly, Rin stirs. She props herself up on one arm, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes with the other hand.

Then, her eyes widen, almost to the point where you might think they're going to pop out of her head soon, and scrambles to sit up.]

... hnngh!

[She only makes that strangled noise, memories from the previous day flooding her, unsure what would be worse: not apologizing profusely right now or waking Setsuna up. And so she sits there, aghast and a little helpless.]


Jun. 28th, 2009 06:29 pm
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And another curse I feel the need to profusely apologize for. But, capturing people in little balls about 1/20 the size of a human? Really? Really? I guess now I've really seen everything - not that the City won't take the next opportunity to make me go back on this statement, I'm sure. And then those ridiculous catchphrases... err, Hiiragi-san, I assure I'm not usually... quite... like... that. Just so we've got this clear.

But no permanent harm done, right? I hope?

In other news, I'm going to be watching the second movie of my life later today. I'm looking forward to it.


Jun. 18th, 2009 11:45 pm
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There's something odd about this month. First we had that ominous meteor shower, and now another kind of... impact. I could've sworn it was close to here - I heard it, but didn't see it - but the City was as ever when I went out earlier. Does anyone know what to do against the tearing up effect of... whatever is in the air now? Smells horrible. Anyway, then the random curse weekend was one week off, and people also seem to be getting sick.

That meteor shower was an omen after all. Is that all there is to it, or do we have to fear worse?

... well.

Deities. You know what? If you think you can scare me into submission to feed your precious clock or whatever, you've got another thing coming.


And I'm going to protect my friends as much as I can, too.

[private to Ryōga || viewable by Umi || unhackable]

So... Umi found out what her memory loss was all about.


Apr. 8th, 2009 06:32 pm
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So one of the weirder curses has passed, and things are more or less back to normal. I met some people from home and some... interesting people, and I think I came out the better for it, all things considered. I'm in less of a hurry to go home now - but I still want to.

Huey-kun, that movie really was quite interesting! Even if there were some jokes I just plain didn't get. But movies are pretty fascinating things in themselves. A play, recorded so that you can view it all the time! But they made it so it looks more real than a play. I definitely want to watch some more movies while I'm here!

And I think I'm in a mood for the beach today. I've never really been there. I remember once going to a beach with my parents when I was little. That was special - Edo has a harbour, but not so much a beach.

Sooo, Manji? Youko? Anyone?

[private to Anotsu || viewable to Manji || unhackable]

Uhm, hey. How do I go about this...

How about we make peace? I'm tired of revenge. I have better things to do with my life.

What do you think?

(OOC: Cursed? Oh, but how.)


Apr. 1st, 2009 10:09 am
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There you go outside in the morning to get some groceries and get almost squished to death by the many people there! Not to mention the greatly prolonged time it took to just get the grocery shopping done. They were pretty loud, too. Some of them all but attacked some other people!

Whatever is up with that?

(OOC: ANYTHING GOES. Have at her~!)
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[A click and shuffling as the door of the apartment opens.]

Anata, I'm home!


[A pause, followed by steps as he crosses the space between them, and a rustle of cloth as he pulls her in.]

[She gasps and giggles a little, her bag slipping to the ground and hitting it with a dull sound.]

H-hey, what are you doing?

[The smug satisfaction of having her home is easily audible in the timbre of his voice.]

Welcoming you home.

Now, let us partake of breakfast . . .

[And a small sound as he kisses her.]

Don't tell me you made breakfast?

[Her tone speaks of incredulity. A slight rustle of clothes as she disentangles herself from him, positioning herself at a proper distance.]

Of course. I wouldn't impose that you make it immediately returning home.

[A few steps as he returns to the kitchen.]

Of course, I have something sweet waiting for you . . .

[And more steps as she follows him.]

You really needn't...

But thank you.

Come on and eat.

[A moment of quiet as he simply smirks at her.]

[She sighs, but the sound of her sitting down on a pillow can be heard.]


OOC: Oh yes, we went there. )


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